Being able to wear a mini dress in middle of October is more than I asked for, but there are some things to take into consideration when you decide to step out with bare legs. Even though it is around 17 degrees outside these days, you will need a pair of opaque tights or over-the-knee boots to be sure it doesn’t get too windy under your dress. In my case, I didn’t need to cover up my legs more than that because I spent most of the day indoors.
For the top part of the outfit, I went for some of my favorite fall/spring pieces including of course the light and comfortable shirt and military jacket which are perfect for layering. And since I was in a sporty mood, my footwear choice seems obvious! The super comfy and warm wedge sneakers are great for rainy and cold seasons, so I really enjoy wearing them right now. But speaking of shoes, as I mentioned before, over-the-knee boots are something every woman should have in her closet. Many would say that this type of boots are not made for shorter women (under 170cm) and would make you feel bad about wanting them, but that’s total BS! It is of course a particular pair of boots that really looks amazing on long, skinny legs but they shouldn’t only be reserved for models or model-looking girls. The only thing you should be paying attention to is to find the right heel for your stature. The shorter you are, the higher the heel should be.
For my part, I came across a nice flat pair of over-the-knee boots last year and I almost bought them, but then I realized that I would look better with at least a 7-cm heel ’cause I am not Gisele (as my husband reminded me!). Now I am hunting for THE right pair and am pissed to find them online only. God knows that I cannot buy shoes before trying them on, so I will just keep waiting until stores here start to follow the trends and offer us a greater number of fashionable and modern boots.

Wish you all a beautiful Friday and great weekend!!
See you next post guys,

Xo, G.

Photography | Lena

Wearing : Alcott dress | Stradivarius shirt | H&M jacket | Nike sneakers

navy 2

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baseball 1Double trouble. The serious faces we tend to make while shooting are giving a false image of who we really are. We will rectify that as soon as possible, it is a promise. In addition, we still have all of our teeth and hiding them is a real shame, don’t you think?! ^_^

As for the style we went for, it was 100% sporty and comfortable, exactly what we needed on that busy day. A kind of look that is quite simple and wearable, that can be worn either for a drink with friends or to go shopping or a barbecue with the family.

Enjoy the pics folks,

Xo, G.

baseball 2

baseball 8



YRM 1And jackets are back! That’s maybe the only positive thing about all that fall shit we are dealing with right now. For my first official autumn 2015 outfit I took out my military jacket to wear over this super comfy sweatshirt with the eye-catching YOU ARE MINE logo that adds a very cool vibe to the look. I love logos especially big, original ones that cover the entire sweatshirt with sleeves that are not left plain. The cool touch having been taken care of, I needed something unusual to wear with a sporty sweatshirt, something less deja-vu and I surprisingly went for a knee-length denim skirt instead of a basic pair of jeans I would have usually gone for. Changes are good and the result is even better than expected.

Wish you all a nice Saturday,

Xo, G.





NIKE DUNK LOW 1I am a real sneaker freak but I’m not a shopaholic so I buy them ‘slowly’, if I can put it that way. But the main reason why I don’t buy sneakers (shoes) that frequently is because I need them to be different from what everybody around me is wearing. For instance, Adidas Superstars and Stan Smiths are not even on my list. Especially the collection Pharrell Williams has launched. I am not saying that I don’t like them, far from it, but I like my sneakers to be kinda unique. I have always liked Dunk Low sneakers and I have bought a few of them over the years, but only have this pair left. I purchased them in England 6 years ago and people always ask me if they are new. ^_^ That actually makes me smile. As for my entire look of the day, it is very laid-back and comfortable. If you are looking for an effortless style go for light denim, grey and black these three colors work perfectly together.

Nice weekend guys!

Xo, G.



FRACOMINA down jacket + H&M denim shirt + STRADIVARIUS denim overalls + CONVERSE sneakers + TOM FORD sunglasses

YESTERDAY was the kind of day to wear a relaxed outfit and only a touch of mascara since I was not in a mood to dress ‘too properly‘ and spend half an hour putting on make-up. Yeah, I need at least 30 minutes for that, and I guess I inherited this incompetence from my female ancestors as women in my family including me, aren’t very handy when it comes to making ourselves up. The fact I rarely wear anything else than BB cream and mascara, may also explain my awkwardness in this field. I would never be able to write a post about makeup products as many other bloggers do! Haha…

Let us pass now to the outfit and pieces it consists of. I wanted so badly to wear my denim overalls in a totally ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck‘ way, so I paired them with my bad-ass ‘Line up the bitches‘ t-shirt and denim shirt, and finished the look with my black Converse to accentuate even more my edgy look. It’s impressive how people started at my overalls yesterday, I guess they are used to see ladies wearing leggings as pants not relaxed overalls.
Anyways, the most important in fashion is that you dress for yourself and feel comfortable in what you are wearing, nothing else really matters.

Have a nice one folks!

Xo, G.








I have always be hooked on statement, uncommon clothing especially when it comes to t-shirts and sneakers. The idea of having something unlike anything others were wearing was exciting and is still currently relevant. Being original is all that matters.

The t-shirt with a man’s face painted on it caught my eye a few months ago, so I couldn’t leave it there. The cotton fabric is extremely soft, the length is as I like it, the colors of the print are perfect as there’s lots of blue, red, pink, orange, black, nude and white which makes it very easy to combine. However, the only ‘major detail’ that’s bothering me since day one, is the collar. A bit too large so I’m thinking of cutting it off and make an off-shoulder t-shirt for next summer…

Anyways, I must admit I didn’t put a lot of thought into this look as I had to leave the house in a hurry but when you possess nice pieces of clothing, you cannot go wrong, ever. So buy wisely guys! ^^

In addition to my personal snaps, you can find 6 very different looks wearable to a variety of occasions, so enjoy them and hope I helped you get inspired!

Xo, G.

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I am wearing : H&M baseball jacket and t-shirt, Stradivarius jeans

Fall is the worst season of the year for me since it puts an end to Summer, it rains all the time and trees are bare of leaves. At my great surprise, I have learned to appreciate the good things Autumn has to offer. Have to admit that this mild weather helps me a lot!
I have forced myself to think of Autumn as the beginning of something new. In my world, the new year kicks off in September, a month when I start focusing on new projects.
This year for instance, I have decided to start this blog which made my bucket list a bit shorter. But there are still many others, some of which have to wait another year or two to get started and some I have been struggling for years to achieve. Still not done to this day by the way!
However, no matter how demanding those projects and challenges are, I try to face them in style.
Yesterday’s weather was extremely mild and sunny (today’s too) and it felt like Spring actually. Nevertheless, I always carry a light jacket with me in case it gets chilly but these days short sleeves are all you need.

I got this green and white baseball jacket at H&M a few years ago and it’s still like new. It’s more like a sweatshirt which makes it very comfy and pleasant to wear.
My love for baseball jackets (or American football jackets) goes back to my childhood, when I was dreaming of being a cheer-leader ^_^. I got the first one at the age of 11-12 from my cousin. It was red with white faux leather sleeves and was brought from the USA … I was ecstatic!!
I like wearing this jacket with ripped jeans and plain t-shirts whenever I’m planning on having a busy day. The only thing missing is a baseball cap but I’m still searching for THE ONE.

Xo, G.