skin goodies 1During my last trip to Paris, I went on a shopping spree to the drugstore and bought some of my favorite hygiene products. Since I have tried out Uriage cleansers I cannot live without them. This time I went for this ultra large one that is easier to use thanks to its practical pump. It is soap free and extremely gentle so it is also appropriate for little kids.
The make-up remover micellar water is very refreshing and gentle too, but for now I’m using the Vichy one which I bought first. The most surprising about the Vichy cleansing micellar solution is how well it removes my eye makeup! Until now I was always nervous before removing my mascara so this little magical product has changed my beauty routine in a very positive way. There are zero irritations and no more burning or itchy eyes. It does the job quickly and efficiently.
And after I clean and re-clean my skin with the Vichy solution micellaire and the Uriage surgras liquide, I use a light moisturizing cream Eau Thermale Jonzac from LEA Nature Laboratoire that is really the best moisturizing cream I have ever had. Really! And after I used it for 2-3 days, I went back to the drugstore and bought the one for the eyes and I must admit that I’m a very satisfied customer. Furthermore, the scent of their products is heavenly.
And last but not least, the Avene Cleanance Expert cream is surprisingly very gentle and light with a really pleasant scent too. I haven’t seen big changes for now but nevertheless it’s not pungent as those types of cream usually are and works perfectly as my make-up base.

That would be all for now amigos.
Have a nice Saturday night,

Xo, G.
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SKIN PRODUCTS BY HERBALIFEAujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’une gamme de produits que j’ai eu l’occasion d’essayer ces deux dernières semaines et il s’agit de SKIN par Herbalife.
Comme je l’ai évoqué précédemment dans un article également dédié aux produits de beauté, je suis constamment à la recherche de nouveaux produits qui répondraient aux besoins de ma peau capricieuse. Ayant déjà essayé et aimé la gamme NouriFusion de Herbalife il y a quelques mois, il était naturel que j’essaye les nouveaux produits qui de mon point de vue, sont meilleurs que les précédents et cela pour différentes raisons.
Tout d’abord, le gel nettoyant, la lotion tonique ainsi que la crème de jour ‘hydratant éclat’ sont plus légers et rafraîchissants, laissant la peau super nette, matifiée et unifiée. Le top du top pour les peaux à tendance grasse avec pores dilatés comme c’est mon cas.
Dès la première utilisation, ma peau était vraiment plus saine, plus douce et claire. Vous me direz que beaucoup de produits donnent le même résultat et je ne le nierai pas, par contre les produits SKIN ont quelque chose que les autres (que j’ai essayé ces 15 dernières années) n’ont pas, et c’est ce parfum léger, doux et frais qui vous donne l’impression d’être une fleur. Et Dieu sait que les produits que j’utilise au quotidien et jusqu’à deux fois par jour doivent sentir bon car l’odeur est aussi importante que la qualité du produit en ce qui me concerne, et c’est donc pour ce petit mais essentiel détail que je vous recommande d’essayer cette gamme au parfum printanier et unique. 

Pour ce qui est du masque, de la crème de nuit et crème pour les rides, je n’ai pas grand chose à dire à part qu’ils sont bons.

Today I am going to talk you about a range of products I had the occasion to try during the past two weeks, SKIN by Herbalife.
As I brought it up a few weeks ago also in a post dedicated to beauty products, I am constantly looking for new products that would work with my unpredictable skin. As I have already tried and loved the NouriFusion range also by Herbalife a few months ago, it came as natural to me to try the new one which is in my opinion better, for several reasons.
First, the cleansing gel, the toning lotion and the day cream are lighter and more refreshing, leaving the skin clean, matified and unified. There is nothing better for skins with the tendency towards oiliness with dilated pores. Upon first use, my skin was more healthy, smooth and clear. You will tell me that many products provide the same results and it’s true, however the SKIN products have something others don’t (at least those I tried during the last 15 years) and it is this light, gentle and fresh scent that makes you feel like a flower. And God knows that the products I am using on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day have to smell good since the scent is as important as the quality of the product if you ask me. And because of this small yet essential detail I warmly recommend that you try this range with its soft linen and unique scent.
As for the face mask, night and anti-wrinkles cream I don’t have much to say except that they are good.

Cheers guys!

Xo, G.



BEAUTY PRODUCTSAnd here comes the first beauty post since I have started the blog. As I wrote previously, I am not an expert whatsoever in makeup nor will I reveal some great tips today but I will definitely share my current favorite products and give you my opinion on them.

After using Cleanance Gel from Avène for years, I have decided to try Neutrogena products as I heard good things about this cleansing/scrubbing gel and surprisingly, it is not a bad product at all. However, it won’t be on my shopping list next time because I cannot stand the grapefruit scent anymore.
Then once a week, I use the gentle peeling (the pot with the blue product) and bio-sulfur matifying care mask both from the Swiss brand Hormeta. They are just perfect as after applying them, my skin is instantly radiant. So yes to both of them.
The astringent lotion Effeclar by La Roche-Posay is a good product too. Those lotions are not miraculous but they do make your skin cleaner, so I use it on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day.
While the 100% natural green clay paste by Argiletz Laboratoire, I only apply it once or twice a month and it helps keeping my skin smoother and without pimples. I use it since I am 15.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS 2Then the second step of my beauty routine is to moisturize my skin. I use three very different creams and a spray. I use the Silverex Exclusive cream before putting on my makeup as it dries pretty quickly. The smell is pleasant and delicate, as it should be for products used on a daily basis. The Bio Naïa cream moisturized perfectly and I apply it mostly on my eyes as I use the Aroma-Perfection by Nuxe on the rest of my face. However, I am pretty disappointed by it, first because of its sticky texture and second its smell, that is why I apply it only at night.
The silver-based spray by Silverex as well, is a great product to use without moderation. I use it several times a day and it purifies and unifies my skin.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS 3 At the end, I am pretty satisfied by those products. Some of them are excellent other are not that good, but they all keep my skin neat and unified.

That would be all for today guys!

Xo, G.