GET LUCKYThis is the only car air  freshener I ever bought and this just because it was a four-leaf clover.

SKY & BIRDS Spring in Paris. About 8pm.
While taking a walk with my sis and niece, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of these ‘agitated’ birds flying back and forth like in the Hitchcock movie.
It was beautiful to look at, but we anyways walked quickly towards the house…
you never know! ^^

FLOWERSIn my garden in Croatia.
It was the beginning of Spring, the flowers were beautiful, the light was perfect and … click !
It is my favorite picture actually.

CAT I am so in love with this Parisian cat!
While I was taking picture after picture, he stayed still, stared at me the whole time and even after I left he didn’t move an inch.
Cats are crazy.

LEAFSimply a leaf.

Ironically, I am afraid of flying with airplanes but if I could have one magical power, it would be flying.

CAT 2This is Miki, my sister’s cat descendant.
He is living a happy life somewhere in ‘wild’ Croatia.

SCORPION I came across this little bastard this summer in Krk, Croatia.
So my first reaction was to find as much information as possible on Croatian scorpions and on  Wiki they said there are not very dangerous. Pfiou!
I slept badly that night though…

Hope you’ll enjoy my pics guys!

Xo, G.


Piran 1I realize that five days have passed since my last outfit post and I am quite frustrated that all my attempts to create nice shots were in vain. The thing is that this fucking weather is depressing these days! Not only do I have to deal with the rain, I now have to struggle with the poor light too. Today exactly at noon, I got to turn on the light in my kitchen so I could see while cooking!!
So today’s post is going to be about my day trip to Piran, one of Slovenia’s major tourist attractions. It was actually a perfect day to visit this small town on the Adriatic Sea. What I love most about it, is the alignment of houses and restaurants of every kind of colors along the sea. We had lunch in a very cozy, beautifully decorated and offering a quite good quality food restaurant named ‘Tri Vdove’ (The Three Widows).
For having visited Budva in Montenegro, Split, Krk and many other little towns and islands in Croatia which also have much medieval architecture and typical narrow streets, Piran seemed so déjà-vu. But I simply love those little streets and houses, made of hundreds-year-old stones, which are so familiar and remind me how beautiful and rich the culture I come from is.
It is not surprising that the best TV show of all times, Game of Thrones, is partly filmed on the Croatian coast. For those who are huge GoT fans, King’s Landing is the part made in Croatia and some scenes with Daenerys.
I always got carried away when talking about this show. Haha. What can I do, I love it!
Anyways, I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I hopefully will be able to post some outfit pictures very soon. In the meanwhile, take car guys!

Xo, G.

Piran 2

Piran 3

Piran 4

Piran 5Piran 6

Piran 7

Piran 8

Piran 9

Piran 10