FPTL WORKWEAR 1When it comes to dressing for work I like to think that I am a bit conservative. It doesn’t mean that I am against dresses or skirts, far from that but I like a good shirt and nice pair of pants with a pair of elegant shoes. It all definitely looks better with a pair of high heeled pumps but I have seen tall, slim women killing it in flats such as loafers or ballerinas. So for today’s post, I wanted to share 5 outfits to wear at the office and that involve only pants.
The shoes I used are pumps from one of my favorite shoe designers, Gianvito Rossi and Gommino loafers from Tod’s that I find particularly chic. Moreover, they come in so many beautiful shades that are simply perfect for the spring-summer season.
As you can see, I mainly used blue and camel which would forever be the best two colors to wear for work, if you ask me. Grey and burgundy too. But there is also a black and white look with a touch of royal blue for those who think my other four ensembles aren’t chic enough. ^^

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Xo, G.


LOOKS OF THE DAY / 15.11.2014

LOTD 1Love how black, grey, white and cobalt blue work together. It is actually one of my favorite combos both for casual wear as well as when it comes to dress for a more formal occasion. This popular Alexander Wang x H&M dress is the piece that caught my eye the most.  Love the body-kissing shape, the color-blocking and the AW’s all over it. I paired it with a bad-ass biker leather jacket to keep it all in the kick-ass context Alexander Wang created over his sporty and military collection. As the most coveted pair of sneakers nowadays, these simple leather slip-ons were an obvious choice to complete this ultra-modern casual look. The metallic cobalt blue mini pashli shoulder bag brightens it up and instantly gives the look ‘ce petit quelque chose‘! Oversized black sunglasses are not mandatory but strongly suggested. ^^LOTD 2This look is also very inspiring as it mixes several styles which are extremely interesting when worn together. First, there is this eye-catching sweatshirt from H&M’s Denim Conscious collection worn over a leather white mini skirt with a zipper right in the middle. Sporty + Sexy. Second, the double-breasted coat adds some elegance to the two previous pieces. The biker ankle boots give a bit masculine and rebellious twist to the set and the back pack is the ‘childlike‘ piece. I don’t know you, but I really like the result! LOTD 3Dressing for work should be the easier as there is an existing code for workwear. What I mean by that is that either you wear a pant or a skirt and eventually a dress. This time I used pants and simply paired them with a classic and timeless white shirt, a chic blue sweater and a grey coat. The magnificently made flashy orange point shoes are here to brighten it all up and simply because this bright color goes so well with blue. LOTD 4Maleficent-inspired sexy all-black ensemble whose particularity is that it makes every woman looks fierce, from skinny Angelina Jolie to chubby Kim Kardashian, this outfit brings out the sexiness and beauty of every woman wearing it.

Enjoy folks!

Xo, G.