C&C 1The greatest challenge in today’s outfit was to pull off a dressy-casual look in which the key piece was my beautiful blue vest. I wanted to wear it for a long time but never really knew how to style it. I am quite reluctant when it comes to mixing super classic pieces of clothing with casual-sporty ones but this time it all worked better than expected.

I wear : ESPRIT vest | GAP sweater | TALLY WEIJL jeans | ZARA scarf, earrings & bag | STRADIVARIUS sneakers

Take care amigos,

Xo, G.

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VERTICAL STRIPES 1All right, all right, all right.
So this is how I looked yesterday. I was in a mood to wear a classic shirt and style it in a dressy-casual look perfect to run some errands downtown. But this shirt ain’t any shirt! I bought it last year or maybe even 2 years ago at Zara and couldn’t believe how amazingly comfortable it is. It is a bit stretchy and long enough. These are the two first things I usually check when buying shirts. And then there are stripes, blue stripes… ahh perfect for me.
And it looks even better teamed with my pair of classic raw jeans from Gap. By opting for my navy blue sneakers from Stradivarius, I kept it tonal and finished off with my amazing new jacket from Promod. I was hesitating between this one and a classic trench coat and needless to say which one I took home with me.
By the way, the other option concerning footwear is a pair of suede pumps or flats for a casual Friday at the office. Oh I almost forgot, my gorgeous tweed bag is from Zara too, isn’t it simply amazing?

Hope you will like my post guys. Take care,

Xo, G.





I have always be hooked on statement, uncommon clothing especially when it comes to t-shirts and sneakers. The idea of having something unlike anything others were wearing was exciting and is still currently relevant. Being original is all that matters.

The t-shirt with a man’s face painted on it caught my eye a few months ago, so I couldn’t leave it there. The cotton fabric is extremely soft, the length is as I like it, the colors of the print are perfect as there’s lots of blue, red, pink, orange, black, nude and white which makes it very easy to combine. However, the only ‘major detail’ that’s bothering me since day one, is the collar. A bit too large so I’m thinking of cutting it off and make an off-shoulder t-shirt for next summer…

Anyways, I must admit I didn’t put a lot of thought into this look as I had to leave the house in a hurry but when you possess nice pieces of clothing, you cannot go wrong, ever. So buy wisely guys! ^^

In addition to my personal snaps, you can find 6 very different looks wearable to a variety of occasions, so enjoy them and hope I helped you get inspired!

Xo, G.

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When I opened my eyes this morning, the rays of sunshine were penetrating through the curtains into my bedroom and in my world, there’s no better way to start the day. Just after I have taken my breakfast, I stepped on the balcony and immediately felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. It feels strange to be able to walk around barefoot and wearing nothing but a t-shirt at this time of the year. At 10 a.m it was 21°C …

So I have decided to make the most of this beautiful day and went for a morning stroll in the nature, for which I opted for a very simple and comfortable outfit consisting of a v-neck grey and white Gap t-shirt, a dark blue denim sleeveless Levi’s jacket (the 15-year-old one I got from my sister – almost a vintage piece ^^ – and decided to cut the sleeves off) paired with light pink Zara skinny jeans. To finish the look, I took out my favorite and most comfy silver leather gladiator sandals bought in Greece.

I always loved how pink and grey harmonize, especially the lighter shades of these two colors. Talking of which, I am currently looking for a beautiful fluffy candy pink sweater but all those that caught my eye were 100% made of acrylic or polyester and I am so against synthetic fabrics. The one I saw at Stradivarius is beautiful and pretty soft, but the smell is so unbearable! I guess I’ll have to try to wash the bad smell off and wear it over a shirt to get used to it. But if some of you know where I can find a fluffy sweater made at least of 40% cotton, I would be very appreciative if you could help me.

Have a nice one guys!

Xo, G.









ZARA leather jacket, t-shirt and earrings, GAP jeans, GAMLOONG leather boots, H&M rings

This was my second time visiting Bled (Slovenia). Three years ago, I visited the castle with my friends and family who came from Paris for my wedding. This time, we rented a small boat and went straight to the Bled Island in the middle of the Lake Bled and I enjoyed it more this time around.
Firstly, the atmosphere and the landscape are hundreds time prettier during fall, particularly when it’s sunny and a bit windy. You got to witness leaves falling from trees which are like bouncing from place to place, flying, making fall enchanting. In the background, the forest is painted in so many colors that it makes your speechless while staring at it. Nature is so inspiring. Secondly, I prefer the view of Bled from the ground as you can admire the castle from the lake and island as well as from every single hotel, restaurant or street in the city. Don’t get me wrong, the view from the Bled Castle is astonishingly beautiful so it would be a shame to miss it if you’re one day visiting Slovenia.
Anyways, while picking my outfit of the day, my wish was to blend with the environment and it came as natural to wear my goldenrod leather jacket which I paired with black and denim. This way, the jacket became the key piece of the look and moreover respected the surrounding nature. Once I went through the pictures, I was so happy for having picked out this jacket! Hope you’ll enjoy my pictures guys.

ps: Whilst today’s post is all about me and my look of the day, tomorrow you’ll see more pictures of the richness and beauty Bled has to offer to its visitors.

Xo, G.