OK,  I would have never thought that I would be ever writing about hair products or anything related to hair, for that matter. The reason is simple – I do not know anything about hair care! I have started to pay attention to it though. The first step was about 3-4 months after I gave birth and the second step after I dyed my hair for the first time ever (like 2 months ago). The great thing is that I am a quick learner especially when it’s about things that interest me.

To be honest, I’ve always hated my hair. Well, not always, but I started to get annoyed by how they looked at the age of 19 maybe. I didn’t pay that much attention to it in my teenage years very probably because I had to much work trying to figure out how to make my skin look cleaner and prettier, but even though I knew my hair wasn’t healthy and shiny, I didn’t do much about it, except chopping them off very short. The dying was the ultimate step towards change, and suddenly it clicked : I need to do something, anything.

After giving birth to my baby girl, my hair went from shiny and smooth to dull and dry. The hair loss was sudden and lasted for approximately two weeks. I’ve started the treatment right away by using anti-hair loss shampoos and pills.
One of the shampoos that has the best review on the internet is Dercos by Vichy and it’s definitely doing what it claims to do. My hair is thicker and less dull than before. At first, I used the shitty Anaphase by Ducray shampoo. It tangled my hair so much I couldn’t comb it out, and on top of that it gave my hair this unhealthy, even drier look. So do not buy this shampoo, it’s total crap.
In addition to the shampoo, I took pills by Fitoval for 3 months in a row. The result was already noticeable after 2 months. I have ‘baby hair’ all over my head especially around my forehead. Even on spots where I naturally didn’t have much hair, new hair has grown, so I couldn’t be happier. It is true that all this baby hair looks like I have chopped off some of my hair myself, but I don’t care as long as there’s hair growing on my head ^^.


When it comes to adding some volume to your hair, here are my two favorite products. I have a little preference for Taft thickening spray given that it’s simpler to use and smells better.
The volume lift mousse by Syoss does the trick too, but I’m not a big fan of mousses in general, so I’d probably stick to sprays from now on.


Before blow drying, curling or straightening my hair, I use Argan Oil heat defence leave in spray. My hair is thankful for the pleasant smell and incredible smoothness.


From time to time, when I need my hair to stay still, the Taft perfect flex hairspray by Schwarzkopf is my go-to product.


And last but not least, my good old boar-bristle brush by Franck Provost that does miracles to every type of hair. Brushing is a real pleasure with this one.

Take care guys,

Xo, G.


With this cold and windy weather outside, we need to protect our skin and lips the best way possible, so I decided to share some of my all time favorite products that I have been using every winter over the past few years. On a side note, this is not an ad.



Every morning, after washing my face with Cold Cream gel by Avène, I soak cotton pads with my Depiderm White lightening thermal toner by Uriage (check out the two previous beauty posts under category BEAUTY for more details) and then apply the Aqua sensation cream by Nivea. I recommend it for two main reasons, it hydrates perfectly and leaves my skin very smooth. However, I haven’t used it with makeup so I don’t know if it works well with foundation.



My lips, oh my god! They are dry all year long, but in winter it gets worse! I try not to use the sugar-based lif exfoliator by e.l.f every day, to avoid irritation but to be honest, without it I would look like I’ve been lost in the desert for a month! It is THE product I cannot live without.
After removing the excess of sugar, I apply the original Labello or the moisturizing BABY LIPS balm by Maybelline (the blue one with pink letters). I like the latter better for the super shiny effect it leaves on the lips, however I cannot find it in Ljubljana anymore, do you know maybe which stores still sell them?



I swear only by Neutrogena creams which are definitely the best on the market. They are also fragrance-free which is exactly what I love when it comes to moisturizing creams.


My facial night routine consists of washing my skin, spraying all over my face L’eau Florale à la rose ancienne by Sanoflore (check out MY CURRENT FAVORITES post in category BEAUTY for details) , then I use this cellular anti-age cream by Nivea to complete my beauty routine. I cannot say if it works or not, but the thing I can say is that it’s not the best night cream I have tried.

Thanks for reading my blog guys,

Xo, G.


A few days ago, on my Instagram account I posted a snap of my current favorite beauty products and I thought why not to write a blog post and elaborate a bit why are some of these on my must-have list. Well, first of all it is no ad at all, but just my honest opinion as a consumer.

Now that I am a mom, there are days I can barely find time to brush my teeth, and there are days when I can even do my nails! And as I have already seen what motherhood did to women around me ^_^, I prepared myself in advance and bought some of these products even before my daughter was born.

dsc_0541As you can see, there’s almost no makeup in my so-called beauty routine, simply because putting makeup on takes time. ^^


First things first, I use masks once a week (almost every week) and those from Mueller (an Austrian or German drugstore?!) are quite good. My skin is instantly more bright.


The lightening thermal toner by Uriage is the best I have tried so far. It really does all three, illuminates, smoothes and moisturizes my skin. It has replaced my day cream on daily basis.


This Eau Florale à la rose ancienne bio by Sanoflore is awesome. Its properties are similar to the thermal toner so I usually use it at night, also because it is rose-scented and I don’t want to expose my baby girl to perfumes.
I am looking forward to trying different products from this brand!


Having a bright and clean skin is great, but when you are pale you look tired so you need a product that is gonna replace your foundation or BB cream, and this magical product is a tanning spray! My Bioderma moisturising tanning spray does miracles on my skin and helps me get a natural-looking fake tan.


To finish off the look, I use my ultra blush palette by Revolution. This palette does the trick but L’Oreal blushes and highlighters work better for me.

The mascara Sensational by Maybelline is the best for my lashes. I have been using it for the past 2 years and it is great.

And last but not least, my nude gloss by L’Oreal that shines bright like a diamond!

Thanks for reading me guys! See you next post!

Xo, G.