noir et blanc 1It’s getting hot today on FPTL!! We went for a very different style for today’s post by wearing two ultra sexy mini dresses. To our surprise, both are quite comfortable.
Mine has a nice and appropriate plunging neckline considering the type of dress it is – by which I mean a dress for a girls night out for example. But if you still find it too revealing, wear a long and rich statement necklace and that’s it! But the most appealing and unusual about this cute little dress are the sleeves. It is rare to find a sexy dress with sleeves that you can roll up. This little detail instantly adds a cool vibe to it and I love it.
As for Lena’s dress, it has an amazing graphic print all over it, that kind of reminds me of a sun, don’t you think? ^^ While it is a bit longer than mine, the bodice is shoulder off and beautifully reveals the most elegant parts of a woman’s body, shoulders and back.

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noir et blanc 2

noir et blanc 3

noir et blanc 4

noir et blanc 5

noir et blanc 6

noir et blanc 7


baseball 1Double trouble. The serious faces we tend to make while shooting are giving a false image of who we really are. We will rectify that as soon as possible, it is a promise. In addition, we still have all of our teeth and hiding them is a real shame, don’t you think?! ^_^

As for the style we went for, it was 100% sporty and comfortable, exactly what we needed on that busy day. A kind of look that is quite simple and wearable, that can be worn either for a drink with friends or to go shopping or a barbecue with the family.

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baseball 2

baseball 8



BRACELETS 1I am completely obsessing over these gorgeous, sparkly cuff bracelets that we shot during our weekend getaway at the beach. The light was stunning, the landscape breathtaking and Lena’s swimsuit worked perfectly with the colors of the bracelets. I can definitely say that all the conditions were met for a perfect photo shoot.

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LOFFIE SEMI JOIAS 1For some women, perfume and makeup are the two main things they never leave the house without, me it’s jewelry. My old watch and my engagement/wedding rings are like glued on my hand and I don’t like taking them off or replacing them with other jewelry however when it comes to necklaces and earrings, it is the total opposite.
This gorgeous necklace created by the fabulous Marielli from Brazilian jewelry brand Loffie Semi Joias is a timeless masterpiece that I was saving for a special occasion to wear with a nice elegant outfit but being impatient as I am, I couldn’t wait but wear it on the beach this summer to show it off a bit. And I can tell that some people have noticed me either because of my gorgeous necklace or because they couldn’t figure out what the hell was I doing with my camera, either way the end result makes it all worth it.

If you enjoyed this post, also check out  Loffie Jewelry part 1 and Loffie Jewelry part 2 to see more great designs from the brand.

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MOTO GP / Czech Republic

Moto GP 1The weekend we spent at Brno was one of a kind. This road trip turned out to be a really nice adventure between friends sharing the same love for sports and sporting events in general. The two days we spent on the Brno circuit filled me with one-of-a-kind energy that made me feel like I was one with all supporters right there. Imagine 120,000 people screaming and clapping every time a motorbike passes by, waving at all the racers no matter who they were. Surprisingly, unlike in many other sports, rivalry and hatred seemed nonexistent in MotoGP which appealed to me right away and made me love and respect that sport even more. But as a supporter and fan of the Doctor, Valentino Rossi seeing 95% of the public from all around Europe cheering for him and sporting either t-shirts, caps, umbrellas or flags from his own brand was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Looking back, I came to realize that no matter how good you are at what you do, or how talented you are your personality is what makes a difference. People love Valentino Rossi not only because he is the greatest racer of all times but also because he is a genuine person who keeps things simple and make us laugh.
No matter if he was practicing, qualifying or racing, at the end Valentino Rossi slowed down his bike and took the time to wave at us all which showed us that he was really appreciative of the warm support he was getting from his fans. No surprise though that I could count on the fingers of one hand how many Lorenzo fans were there.

Take a look at my first pictures as a sports photographer and simply enjoy. ^^

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Moto GP 2

Moto GP 5

Moto GP 8

Moto GP 9

Moto GP 10

Moto GP 12

Moto GP 15

Moto GP 16

Moto GP 20

Moto GP 22

Moto GP 23

K O R N A T I | PART 1

It would have been a shame to leave Dalmatia without visiting the K O R N A T I , archipelago of Croatia which includes 140 islands. The trip was very pleasant due to the family atmosphere that reigned on the boat.  We left early in the morning and spent most of the day on the boat, cruising in between islets and reefs, snapping pictures and socializing with other passengers. During our first stop, we reached the highest point of the Kornati from where we enjoyed the mesmerizing view and also took some beautiful pictures, that will be revealed in part 2. There, we swam and dived for almost an hour and after we were on our way to a local restaurant. After eating lunch and visiting the surroundings, the boat stopped in the middle of the sea and we couldn’t resist jumping off the boat in the deep blue water. It was amazing!

KORNATI 5Can you see a Lion in this picture?

KORNATI 6A few Dolphins welcomed us.

KORNATI 7Our little boat in the middle of nowhere.


KORNATI 8Pictures taken from the highest point of the Kornati.

KORNATI 9Heading to the restaurant.

KORNATI 10Small tower Toreta, probably built in the 6th century AD by the Romans.

KORNATI 11Small church of Our Lady of Tarac built in the 17th century on the location of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century.

KORNATI 12The most impressive yacht my eyes have ever seen, Ti-Coyo.

KORNATI 13Approaching the port of Murter.

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