I got these amazing shades on sale last week at Optika Clarus in Ljubljana as they were having an amazing 60% off on all sunglasses! I love discovering not-so-popular brands like this one. It is Italian and everything I’ve read so far on the internet, is that their customers are more than happy. I guess I’ve really made an excellent deal!
Couldn’t help myself but photograph them with my new 50mm 1.8 G lens.

Nice one guys,

Xo, G.


duo 1Posing in front of the lens is in itself quite challenging but it gets worse when two or more people are involved. We all have done group pictures in which we looked less attractive than the others and vice versa, because knowing how to sit, look or what to do with your hands isn’t as easy as one may think. With Lena, we have only done a few photo shoots together that weren’t very successful, so we wanted to try again and practice a bit in order to improve our posing skills when doing photo shoots together. I selected only 4 pictures because the rest isn’t really good. ^_^ However the progress is obvious and next time, there will definitely be more pics to see.

Take care guys and thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Xo, G.

duo 2

duo 3

duo 4


RANDOM 1My wild Bobi, wet and dirty after hunting cats in the nearby forest and neighborhood.


RANDOM 3Isn’t he cute?

RANDOM 4Colors of autumn in my garden.

RANDOM 5I drew the Sun, my husband built it.

RANDOM 6Beautiful plant that grows up to two-meter tall.

RANDOM 7My favorite drink in autumn.

random 8More beautiful plants from my garden.

random 9Such a runaway!

After days and days of rain and fog, the sun finally showed up this weekend.
I was surprised to see how everything has changed. Trees have turned gold and red and the leaves laying on the ground are painted in hundreds of different colors. Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

Xo, G.


noir et blanc 1It’s getting hot today on FPTL!! We went for a very different style for today’s post by wearing two ultra sexy mini dresses. To our surprise, both are quite comfortable.
Mine has a nice and appropriate plunging neckline considering the type of dress it is – by which I mean a dress for a girls night out for example. But if you still find it too revealing, wear a long and rich statement necklace and that’s it! But the most appealing and unusual about this cute little dress are the sleeves. It is rare to find a sexy dress with sleeves that you can roll up. This little detail instantly adds a cool vibe to it and I love it.
As for Lena’s dress, it has an amazing graphic print all over it, that kind of reminds me of a sun, don’t you think? ^^ While it is a bit longer than mine, the bodice is shoulder off and beautifully reveals the most elegant parts of a woman’s body, shoulders and back.

Thanks for visiting my blog guys ^_^

Xo, G.

noir et blanc 2

noir et blanc 3

noir et blanc 4

noir et blanc 5

noir et blanc 6

noir et blanc 7


baseball 1Double trouble. The serious faces we tend to make while shooting are giving a false image of who we really are. We will rectify that as soon as possible, it is a promise. In addition, we still have all of our teeth and hiding them is a real shame, don’t you think?! ^_^

As for the style we went for, it was 100% sporty and comfortable, exactly what we needed on that busy day. A kind of look that is quite simple and wearable, that can be worn either for a drink with friends or to go shopping or a barbecue with the family.

Enjoy the pics folks,

Xo, G.

baseball 2

baseball 8