All those questions about what to wear during pregnancy shouldn’t exist. Rule number one is that you need to be comfortable in everything you wear because the changes your entire body goes through is painful enough for you to be wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Rule number two- don’t go spend money on an entire maternity wardrobe that is more expensive for no reason, but buy only pants that are adapted to your growing belly. For the rest of your wardrobe, opt for oversize pieces or stretchy ones that you’ll be able to wear pregnant or not. Here are a few examples of how I dressed during my pregnancy.


Overalls are great when you’re pregnant. I bought mine years ago in my usual size and they came in handy during the whole 9 months thanks to the adjustable suspenders. I wore all kind of stretchy tops under which entirely covered my belly. Since all my tops┬á are quite long everything was simplified.

cardigan | ALLUDE
top | J.CREW
overalls | H&M
clutch | CLARE V
shades | ILLESTEVA
sneakers | CONVERSE


Stretchy dresses are the second best piece of clothing a pregnant woman can wear. Not a single dress I wore during my pregnancy is from a maternity store.
And have you noticed how expensive maternity clothes are??

shades | ILLESTEVA
platform sneakers | H&M


For all the chic mamas who want to stay sexy yet comfortable.

vest | TOPSHOP
bag | MARNI
boots | PRADA


wrap | H&M
jeans | AG JEANS
bag | CHANEL
sneakers | CONVERSE


Oversized t-shirts are the answer!

sweatshirt and t-shirt | H&M
pants | R13
scarf | CHAN LUU
shades | LE SPECS
sneakers | NIKE


H&M and Zara to name a few, offer a great range of oversized tops, sweaters and cardigans.

sweater and jeans | H&M
shades | RAY BAN
hat | RAG & BONE
sneakers | SUPERGA

A few instagram shots of my pregnancy style



my Stradivarius overalls – 8 months pregnant


My Zara oversized sweater


My Zara roll-neck


My ‘normal’ sweater from Promod


My stretchy dress from H&M


My midi dress from Zara



The other day while reorganizing my maps and cleaning my computer, I came across a few unpublished pictures. For some reason at the time I was creating blog posts, these pictures weren’t consider good enough but months later after I took a closer look at them, I realized that they are pretty good ^_^ So better late than never, here are some of the pics that were until today rotting in an unorganized and messy map on my computer.

Take care,

Xo, G.












After a pause of almost three months, we are back at shooting with Lena. The main reason why we needed to take a break from dressing up and shooting, is quite visible in the fifth picture. ^_^ Yes, I am expecting!! My first trimester was quite tough and exhausting so resting and taking care of my health was a necessity. Now that I feel better, we are slowly getting back at doing what we like the most. Today’s theme is how to wear layers of knits.

Take care,

Xo, G.

Wearing – vintage handmade cardicoat | Zara black roll neck sweater | handmade dress | H&M scarf | Ciak boots







PONCHO 1I was going through my photos yesterday and came across these pics we shot a few weeks ago with Lena and that I simply forgot to share with you. The sad thing is that it is the last photo shoot to be published here as I am “out of service” for another couple of weeks. There’s nothing worth photographing around me lately as 90% of the day I am lying in my bed and watching TV, reading and sleeping. Even the food doesn’t look good these days, so don’t be surprised if my future posts are only about outfits that I will be creating from my boring bed.

Anyway, for the occasion, I went for this very cozy, baroque style poncho which in addition to being a must-have piece this season is also an elegant and versatile outerwear piece working with everything from denim to cocktail dresses.

Wish you a beautiful day guys, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Xo, G.

Photography | Lena


poncho 3


dlj1Hi guys, first of all I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates these past couple of days, but you must know that it’s 100% involuntary from my part. See, since last Friday I’m forced to spend 95% of my time in bed as I am having some health issues. My phone and laptop have been kind of banned from my room, so whenever I am allowed to use them, I take a few minutes to update all of my social media accounts and blog which isn’t very often though. However, I am feeling better day by day and hopefully I will soon “get back on my feet”.
Here are the pictures from the last outfit we shot last week in downtown Ljubljana.

Thanks for visiting guys ^_^

Xo, G.

Wearing : Gap roll neck | H&M leggings | Comptoir des cotonniers cardigan | Longchamp bag | Inuovo boots








lumberjack style 1Being a fashion blogger is exhausting sometimes, because you need to over think what you are going to wear and bla bla bla. Some of the most successful fashion bloggers out there dictate what we should be wearing and what we should be buying in order to be in, but I simply refuse to think their way. First, I don’t feel like wearing super high heels, even if it is with a destroyed pair of jeans to the mall or to grab a drink with friends simply because we, normal people don’t live that kind of life. It’s not Sex and the City out here and let’s be honest many bloggers (if not all of them) carry flats in their bags to change after shooting, so why selling a lie? Why keep showing us everyday looks styled with the most gorgeous high heels, that we all buy but wear only once or twice in real life? I love bloggers such as Sincerely Jules or Kenzas, who most of the time wear normal stuff, stuff we can buy and wear on a daily basis but apart from a few fashion bloggers, the rest is promoting the super chic style we can only wear on special occasions. What about everyday style, simpler looks? It’s too bad that fashion bloggers avoid wearing tracksuits for example. I love how Rihanna and Cassie manage to style their oversized tracksuits and still look very feminine and sexy and in my case, I sometimes feel bad about taking pictures when wearing a 100% sporty outfit because it doesn’t feel “right” or because there’s nothing fabulous about it. But I am done with this shit, from now on I will take pictures of all my outfits, trendy or not, because at the end of the day this blog is about my personal style, and this kind of look is part of who I am. ^_^ As Coco Chanel said, Fashion fades, only style remains the same!

Xo, G.

Wearing : H&M shirt | Stradivarius jeans | Lulu Castagnette vest

lumberjack style 3

lumberjack style 4

lumberjack style 5


Being able to wear a mini dress in middle of October is more than I asked for, but there are some things to take into consideration when you decide to step out with bare legs. Even though it is around 17 degrees outside these days, you will need a pair of opaque tights or over-the-knee boots to be sure it doesn’t get too windy under your dress. In my case, I didn’t need to cover up my legs more than that because I spent most of the day indoors.
For the top part of the outfit, I went for some of my favorite fall/spring pieces including of course the light and comfortable shirt and military jacket which are perfect for layering. And since I was in a sporty mood, my footwear choice seems obvious! The super comfy and warm wedge sneakers are great for rainy and cold seasons, so I really enjoy wearing them right now. But speaking of shoes, as I mentioned before, over-the-knee boots are something every woman should have in her closet. Many would say that this type of boots are not made for shorter women (under 170cm) and would make you feel bad about wanting them, but that’s total BS! It is of course a particular pair of boots that really looks amazing on long, skinny legs but they shouldn’t only be reserved for models or model-looking girls. The only thing you should be paying attention to is to find the right heel for your stature. The shorter you are, the higher the heel should be.
For my part, I came across a nice flat pair of over-the-knee boots last year and I almost bought them, but then I realized that I would look better with at least a 7-cm heel ’cause I am not Gisele (as my husband reminded me!). Now I am hunting for THE right pair and am pissed to find them online only. God knows that I cannot buy shoes before trying them on, so I will just keep waiting until stores here start to follow the trends and offer us a greater number of fashionable and modern boots.

Wish you all a beautiful Friday and great weekend!!
See you next post guys,

Xo, G.

Photography | Lena

Wearing : Alcott dress | Stradivarius shirt | H&M jacket | Nike sneakers

navy 2

navy 3

navy 4

navy 5

navy 6

navy 8