I have become obsessed with cosmetics and treatments for my skin especially since I turned 30. The issues I am dealing with today are exactly the same as when I was in my twenties, large pores and blemishes added to this a dull complexion. The only difference is that I went from oily to dry skin and of course the first wrikles have appeared too.

In today’s post, I will rate and review every and each product I have been applying on my skin over the past several weeks even months for some of them.

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Pure Clay illuminating cleansing gel by L’Oréal – 7,5/10
→ I use it once a day and it leaves my skin clean and smooth. I haven’t noticed that my skin glows after using it though.
Price : around 4€

Pure Clay Glow Mask by L’Oréal – 10/10
→ So far the best clay mask I tried. This one on the other hand gives glow to my skin and leaves it very smooth. On top of that, it tightens my pores. I use it twice a week.
Price : around 8€


Facial Cleansing Brush by Ebelin – 8/10
→ This is magical! It cleans my pores unlike any other facial cleansing product I used so far. The tiny smooth hair penetrates everywhere and exfoliates perfectly.

Price : 4€ at DM


Peel-Off Black Mask Co-Enzymes by Revuele – 5/10
→ This mask doesn’t work on my blackheads so I won’t be buying it again. I think it would work on blackheads that are ‘superficial’ though.
Price : 4€


Anti-Aging Regeneration Mask and Hydro Mask by Terra Naturi – 7,5/10
→ I love how smooth and clean my skin looks after applying these. The big plus, is that they are vegan.
Price : 0,99€


Refining toner by Weleda – 9/10
→ Just the best toner ever. It matifies my skin and gives it glow. The only minus is the packaging.
Price : around 11€
→ I use it before applying Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream by Weleda – 8/10 – that is very light, fresh and penetrates immediatly. Howevever, after using it for a month, I can tell that this cream is not moisturizing enough for my skin.
Price : around 16€


Peeling gel by TerraNaturi – 8,5/10
→ I was totally convinced that harsh facial scrubs do a better job at exfoliating my skin than gentle peeling gels, which is completely not the case. I use this gentle peeling gel once or twice a week and my skin loves it. The blackheads and pores appear visibly reduced.
Price : around 3€

Night cream ‘lifting‘ by TerraNaturi – 9,5/10
→ Best night cream for sure! As soon as I apply it, my wrinkles disappear! The skin is smooth, matified and hydrated. Best purchase of the month
Price : around 5€


Cosmetic Lad moisturizer by Lush – 6,5/10
→ I bought it initially for my husband and used it a couple of times to see how my skin reacts to it.
Well, this cream simply moisturizes, that’s it. It’s not matifying, not giving glow, not leaving the skin brighter, nothing.
Price : 18,95€ (overpriced obviously!)


Hypoallergenic anti-redness primer by Bell – 7,5/10
→ good at neutralizing redness and even concealing imperfections such as nose pores.
Price : around 6€


Hypoallergenic Eye & Skin Stick Concealer by Bell – 7,5/10
→ it conceals very well, however it tends to kind of ‘dry’ the skin around the eyes.
Price : around 5€


BB Cream Classic and BB Cream Combination To Oily Skin by Garnier– 9/10
→ still my favorite BB creams. During winter I first apply the BB cream that covers more (on the right), and use a bit of the classic as it gives more glow to the skin. √
Price : around 8€ each


Silisponge (Silicone sponge for makeup) – 8/10
→ This silisponge is great for many reasons. First, it doesn’t absorb your foundation as a beauty blender would which means that you don’t need to use as much product. This is great news especially when you buy expensive foundation! ^^
Second, it’s super easy and quick to clean, and above all more hygienic.
→ However, it is a bit harder to use than the beauty blender because it doesn’t have pointy edges, and in the area around the nose and eyes I have to use my fingers to blend the foundation.
Price : 6€


Lait d’Ânesse, Eau démaquillante lactée by Léa Nature – 7/10
→ It cleans well and smells good.
Price : around 11€


Skin Food by NutrisSlim – ?
→ I started drinking this mix of natural and vegan ingredients a few days ago so the results are not visible yet. The only thing I can say about it, is that it’s the most disgusting thing ever. Hehehe but if it really does what it says it does, I will keep drinking it anyways! ^^

Thanks for visiting and reading,
Xo, G.


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