It’s February, the snow is almost gone and I took my new sneakers for a walk last Sunday, something I wanted to do since I bought them two weeks ago. But as you can see, I am wearing socks! Not as chic as walking around bare ankles or wearing fishnets, but what can I do if I am freezing my butt off!?
I know I’m not the usual fashion blogger, but fuck fashion and style and everything if I don’t feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, right? And I must admit that I make fun of those bloggers who, in order to get more likes on instagram, would wear sandals or go out in denim jackets while it’s – 5 degrees outside. Come on guys! We do not live in California people, this is Europe and it’s winter, so dress accordingly. Spring is around the corner, be patient.
Anyways, in Ljubljana temperatures are still near zero so I opted for an oversized roll neck sweater, ripped jeans and sneakers for a casual afternoon with my love and some friends.

Take care guys,

Xo, G.

H&M sweater, hoops and socks | Promod coat | Zara jeans and bag | Bershka sneakers









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