OK,  I would have never thought that I would be ever writing about hair products or anything related to hair, for that matter. The reason is simple – I do not know anything about hair care! I have started to pay attention to it though. The first step was about 3-4 months after I gave birth and the second step after I dyed my hair for the first time ever (like 2 months ago). The great thing is that I am a quick learner especially when it’s about things that interest me.

To be honest, I’ve always hated my hair. Well, not always, but I started to get annoyed by how they looked at the age of 19 maybe. I didn’t pay that much attention to it in my teenage years very probably because I had to much work trying to figure out how to make my skin look cleaner and prettier, but even though I knew my hair wasn’t healthy and shiny, I didn’t do much about it, except chopping them off very short. The dying was the ultimate step towards change, and suddenly it clicked : I need to do something, anything.

After giving birth to my baby girl, my hair went from shiny and smooth to dull and dry. The hair loss was sudden and lasted for approximately two weeks. I’ve started the treatment right away by using anti-hair loss shampoos and pills.
One of the shampoos that has the best review on the internet is Dercos by Vichy and it’s definitely doing what it claims to do. My hair is thicker and less dull than before. At first, I used the shitty Anaphase by Ducray shampoo. It tangled my hair so much I couldn’t comb it out, and on top of that it gave my hair this unhealthy, even drier look. So do not buy this shampoo, it’s total crap.
In addition to the shampoo, I took pills by Fitoval for 3 months in a row. The result was already noticeable after 2 months. I have ‘baby hair’ all over my head especially around my forehead. Even on spots where I naturally didn’t have much hair, new hair has grown, so I couldn’t be happier. It is true that all this baby hair looks like I have chopped off some of my hair myself, but I don’t care as long as there’s hair growing on my head ^^.


When it comes to adding some volume to your hair, here are my two favorite products. I have a little preference for Taft thickening spray given that it’s simpler to use and smells better.
The volume lift mousse by Syoss does the trick too, but I’m not a big fan of mousses in general, so I’d probably stick to sprays from now on.


Before blow drying, curling or straightening my hair, I use Argan Oil heat defence leave in spray. My hair is thankful for the pleasant smell and incredible smoothness.


From time to time, when I need my hair to stay still, the Taft perfect flex hairspray by Schwarzkopf is my go-to product.


And last but not least, my good old boar-bristle brush by Franck Provost that does miracles to every type of hair. Brushing is a real pleasure with this one.

Take care guys,

Xo, G.

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