Wearing : Max&Co. coat, sweater, pants and bag / Stradivarius boots

A couple of days ago, Max&Co. organized a fashion event to present their ‘celestial’ collection of bags, called Miss Juno including models with names such as Comet, Droid or Satellite. From totes to mini cross-body bags, there is something for every taste, both when it comes to shapes and colors.
For my part, I fell for the Mini Comet in silver for two simple yet essential reasons. First, it can be carried across the body, which is my favorite way of carrying bags since I love my hands free. Second, the neutrality of its silver shade makes it very easy to combine. Doesn’t matter the color or the print, this little silver bag simply works!
I am now letting you enjoy the pictures shot by the talented Katarina Veselič.

By the way, until the end of November you can get 20% off on the whole collection (not just bags) at the Max&Co. store located in Ljubljana, Miklošičeva 1. The only thing you need to do, is to mention the name of my blog. ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog guys,

Xo, G.






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