Since the last beauty post, I have made some changes in my beauty routine by adding new products  but also getting rid of some of the old ones that became completely useless in my case.
First things first, I have decided to stick with the brand that works the best for me,  the French brand Uriage which offers some greats products when it comes to cleansing and hydrating my skin.
Their cleansing gels are all very satisfying but I have a little preference for pump-style bottles which simplify everything especially when your hands are wet.
L’eau micellaire is very gentle with a subtle scent that leaves my skin matte and soft. I love it!! And the cleanser is very good too, especially because my eyes don’t turn red after using it. That’s a big plus if you ask me.
Last but not least, the new mini cream AquaPrécis is a little bomb! It leaves a sensation of freshness and lightness on my skin, that I have never felt with any other cream I used in the past.


PicMonkey Collage

As for the makeup, I made some major changes by almost eradicating foundation (that I only use for night looks) and replacing it with the best and the cheapest BB cream I have been using for the past year. Actually, I tried it in the past, like 2-3 years ago when I was still struggling with my combination skin and the result was a disaster! Indeed, the BB cream classic by Garnier is very shiny (in a good way) but it didn’t give me the result I was hoping for so I opted for those that offers a matte look, which in the end all happened to be too dry and even made my skin look old. Luckily, after finding the appropriate skincare products I was able to retry this BB cream that really answers all my prayers.
But just in case, I also apply the primer from L’Oréal for an additional matte effect.

PicMonkey CollageBB

After the primer and bb cream, I apply concealer under my eyes and on my nose. The one I am currently using is “the touche magique” from L’Oréal that isn’t a bad product, but it doesn’t conceal or illuminate that much. Maybe because of the creamy texture? I don’t know,  but I ain’t buying it next time.
However applying concealer has never been so cute and easy. My new beauty blender from Mueller is quite good even though I have read a few reviews that criticized it for being too stiff. I guess I’ll change my mind once I found a better one, hehe. That’s how this works, right!?


And finally, my favorite purchase of all time, the Revolution London palette. The super fake contouring/highlighting thing that is going on on social media wasn’t for me however I wanted to try out to see if it could be done in a subtle way and thus I got this palette which really offers nice different shades. And to my surprise, my makeup doesn’t look fake at all, on the contrary my skin glows beautifully. Yet, the brush is key when it comes to contouring because it needs to be precise to avoid overdoing it or having big brown spots on your cheeks, and this Body&Soul brush does the trick so I am a satisfied customer.

Feel free to ask any questions guys!

Have a nice day,

Xo, G.


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