PONCHO 1I was going through my photos yesterday and came across these pics we shot a few weeks ago with Lena and that I simply forgot to share with you. The sad thing is that it is the last photo shoot to be published here as I am “out of service” for another couple of weeks. There’s nothing worth photographing around me lately as 90% of the day I am lying in my bed and watching TV, reading and sleeping. Even the food doesn’t look good these days, so don’t be surprised if my future posts are only about outfits that I will be creating from my boring bed.

Anyway, for the occasion, I went for this very cozy, baroque style poncho which in addition to being a must-have piece this season is also an elegant and versatile outerwear piece working with everything from denim to cocktail dresses.

Wish you a beautiful day guys, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Xo, G.

Photography | Lena


poncho 3

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