dlj1Hi guys, first of all I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates these past couple of days, but you must know that it’s 100% involuntary from my part. See, since last Friday I’m forced to spend 95% of my time in bed as I am having some health issues. My phone and laptop have been kind of banned from my room, so whenever I am allowed to use them, I take a few minutes to update all of my social media accounts and blog which isn’t very often though. However, I am feeling better day by day and hopefully I will soon “get back on my feet”.
Here are the pictures from the last outfit we shot last week in downtown Ljubljana.

Thanks for visiting guys ^_^

Xo, G.

Wearing : Gap roll neck | H&M leggings | Comptoir des cotonniers cardigan | Longchamp bag | Inuovo boots








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