dolly Initially, this photo shoot was supposed to be very elegant and ladylike, but somehow along the way, we lost it and got the idea to make me act like a porcelain doll. As you can imagine, in 90% of the pictures I am doubled over with laughter and many of them are blurry as Lena was laughing too. In consequence, I can only share five pictures of this adorable dress that made me feel like a princess on the day I wore it. The shape is really flattering as it is very tight around the waist while the skirt is kind of flowy. But what I like most about it, is the beautiful round collar and sheer part of the bodice that reveals the perfect amount of skin. I find lace and sheer very elegant so whenever I attend a wedding or a christening, these two timeless fabrics always come to mind first.

That would be all for today folks, see you next post!

Xo, G.

Photography | Lena

Earrings | Oliver Weber




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