bodycon 1All of a sudden, it feels like spring all over again and this gorgeous dress Lena is wearing has something to do with it. But let’s be realistic, it is fall, temperatures are increasingly going down and for many women, it means wearing darker colors only.
There’s a real common misconception about when to wear floral prints. Fresh and joyful prints are often considered too bold or inappropriate for the fall-winter season due to the vivid colors they are made of but that’s not totally accurate. Of course, some prints shouldn’t leave your closet before spring arrives but there are plenty of them that can be worn all year long. For instance, this gorgeous dress that you can easily wear from September to May. Think about it girls and allow yourself to experiment.

Thanks for reading! See you next post.

Xo, G.

Photography & Styling | Me

bodycon 2

bodycon 3

bodycon 4

bodycon 5

bodycon 6

bodycon 7


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