ruffled 1I have only one word in mind, GORGEOUS!
We took advantage of last week’s good weather to shot this chic and trendy outfit in one of the best spots in Ljubljana, Tivoli city park. I wanted to keep the look contemporary by mixing this flattering and glamorous crop top with not-so-usual navy pants and a pair of nude mules-sandals, and the result turned out pretty well, don’t you think? ^_^ The goal was to keep the top in focus so the best way to do so was to pair it with navy blue. Or any other dark color for that matter.
On the other hand, if you want to make a statement in a 100% bold look, this yellow top would be a perfect match to a skirt or pants with a vibrant motif. And one last thing before I finish, if you want to cover up your belly and use the top in a look that works during the day, high-waist pieces are the answer.

Thanks for visiting guys, see you next post!

Xo, G.

Photography and Styling | Me

ruffled 2

ruffled 3

ruffled 5


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