lbd 1The images I am sharing with you have been shot in Ljubljana a few days ago, while the sun was still shining bright and temperatures were around 30 degrees. We both wanted a natural scenery to change a bit from other bloggers which definitely adds a pop of green to the photo shoot and the all-black outfit Lena was pulling off that day. And she really nailed it! But the most interesting thing about this look is that we added a black skirt under the dress that completely changed the outfit. Without it, it was 100% girly but with it, she went from cute to hot in an instant and with this crazy red on her lips, jewelry became optional nay unnecessary. The only accessory we used is a shiny ribbon to mark her waist and to add a bit of satin so it all looks more chic.

Enjoy the pictures folks.
Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog,

Xo, G.

Styling & Photography – by Me

lbd 2

lbd 3

lbd 4

lbd 5


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