Moto GP 1The weekend we spent at Brno was one of a kind. This road trip turned out to be a really nice adventure between friends sharing the same love for sports and sporting events in general. The two days we spent on the Brno circuit filled me with one-of-a-kind energy that made me feel like I was one with all supporters right there. Imagine 120,000 people screaming and clapping every time a motorbike passes by, waving at all the racers no matter who they were. Surprisingly, unlike in many other sports, rivalry and hatred seemed nonexistent in MotoGP which appealed to me right away and made me love and respect that sport even more. But as a supporter and fan of the Doctor, Valentino Rossi seeing 95% of the public from all around Europe cheering for him and sporting either t-shirts, caps, umbrellas or flags from his own brand was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Looking back, I came to realize that no matter how good you are at what you do, or how talented you are your personality is what makes a difference. People love Valentino Rossi not only because he is the greatest racer of all times but also because he is a genuine person who keeps things simple and make us laugh.
No matter if he was practicing, qualifying or racing, at the end Valentino Rossi slowed down his bike and took the time to wave at us all which showed us that he was really appreciative of the warm support he was getting from his fans. No surprise though that I could count on the fingers of one hand how many Lorenzo fans were there.

Take a look at my first pictures as a sports photographer and simply enjoy. ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog guys,

Xo, G.

Moto GP 2

Moto GP 5

Moto GP 8

Moto GP 9

Moto GP 10

Moto GP 12

Moto GP 15

Moto GP 16

Moto GP 20

Moto GP 22

Moto GP 23

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