prints 1How to style floral, graphic and other prints without overdoing it is the topic of today’s outfit post. The most important thing you should know when wearing prints is to picks out the right accessories, shoes and bags in order to keep it all homogeneous. If you are familiar with mixing different prints together that means you’re at an advanced level but in case you are only a beginner at this, go first for a single statement piece in a bold print and keep the rest of the outfit plain. The other way of doing it is to pick a two-tone/color-block item of which the colors match the print of your key item and play with it.

If this helped you understand a little bit more how to style and wear different prints – and yes! this works with every print out there – let me know or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Wish you all a beautiful Friday,

Xo, G.

prints 2

prints 3

prints 4

prints 5

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