Podvrske beach 1This is the third year in a row that we spent our vacation in gorgeous Dalmatia, and I am still blown away by the beauty of this part of Croatia. We visited at least 10 different beaches in the area through the years and fell in love with this little wild beach called P O D V R S K E. It is situated on the Murter island not far from the famous sand beach Slanica. Croatia isn’t usually known for having large sand beaches and that these are a real rarity there, but the color of the sea is one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life. It is as I like to say, a mix between the Atlantic and Indian ocean as there are different shades of blue. In some places the transition between shallow and deep water is spectacular not only because of the color change but also due to the clearly visible slope and I couldn’t help myself but to dive at least hundreds of times to look at it. The feeling while swimming “from one side to the other” is indefinable. This is the most free I have ever felt.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures and stay tuned as there is more to come.

Xo, G.

Podvrske beach 2

Podvrske beach 3Here posing in the early morning in my favorite piece of the summer, the denim overalls from H&M.

Podvrske beach 4The water temperature was around 26, so I had to dive deeper to cool off.

Podvrske beach 5Couldn’t sunbath on the beach due to the heat.

Podvrske beach 7Another round.

Podvrske beach 8Selfie in the middle of the sea.

Podvrske beach 9

Podvrske beach 10Time for my Ice cream break. Bikini from La Halle aux Vetements | Sunglasses by Iceberg

Podvrske beach 12Waiting for our friends to arrive on my gigantic $100 bill

Podvrske beach 13

Podvrske beach 14Taking pictures with Starfishes.

Podvrske beach 17Peace and come back tomorrow.


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