minimalism 1

While packing my stuff for tomorrow’s departure (vacay! vacay! vacay!), I was quite surprised to see how M I N I M A L I S T my outfits are going to be this summer.
Most of us are patiently waiting for summer to arrive to take out our floral prints, brights and crazy accessories and just have fun wearing bold outfits we wouldn’t normally wear in our everyday life, and I was that kind of person until now. I didn’t realize how much the minimalist trend has impacted my personal style lately. Surprisingly, this time the clothes I am taking with me are mostly white, military green and blue denim but also grey, burgundy, black and navy with no prints at all! But, it doesn’t mean that I have completely eradicated bright colors and bold prints from my wardrobe. My evening looks may be minimalist and toned-down but I am definitely going to make a statement in my beach wear. ^^
Hopefully, I will be able to update my blog from down there but if not, I will share everything once I am back.

Great day folks,

Xo, G.

minimalism 2

minimalism 3

minimalism 4

minimalism 5

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