Today’s post is a whole new concept : it is all about helping  C O U P L E S  to dress for weddings by giving them a few tips and ideas on how to pull off matching outfits without looking too heavy and dated.
Here are three ensembles that were initially inspired by Paul Fredrick and their wild range of amazing men shirts, so go check out their site and find some inspiration.

DRESSING FOR WEDDINGS 1The first two ensembles are very chic. The female side is very dramatic and ultra feminine thanks to the off-shoulder dress that reveals the most gorgeous part of the woman’s body that you can accentuate by wearing a beautiful statement necklace.
The male attire is for its part quite classic yet modern and the best way of creating such outfits is by just picking a basic well-tailored suit, matching shoes and accessories and add just one statement piece to it, like the striped shirt here which not only brightens the whole look but also matches the female outfit with its orange brick and white stripes. Shirt here .

DRESSING FOR WEDDINGS 2For the second ensemble, I opted for more neutral colors and less glamorous and extravagant outfits.
In Europe, guests are not supposed to wear white, especially female since it is the bride’s color but I encourage women to do it anyway. However, don’t ever go for a white floor-length gown! ^^ The dress should be very simple yet sophisticated.
This time, I couldn’t decide which way to go when it comes for the male part. Plain white as well as the vertical blue-and-white striped shirt both work perfectly with the sand shade of the shorts. Yes, I know shorts can be a risky choice, but if it is done the right way, your partner can be the best dressed male at the wedding.
As for the shirts, I usually prefer long sleeves. Learn how to roll them up the right way and just go for it, there is nothing more sexy than a man’s forearm showing off a nice watch. Shirt here.
For footwear, choose suede derbys or a fine pair of driving shoes. Tod’s Gommino are my favorites and their color palette will blow your mind!

DRESSING FOR WEDDINGS 3And I will finish today’s post with monochrome and stripes, again! I can’t help myself.
People love black-and-white combos for weddings but most of the time their outfits are so deja-vu and completely boring.
Large black-and-white stripes can be a solution for women, however, the clothes should be more about white than black, since the shoes and clutch are entirely black.
For your partner, rather than picking out a plain white shirt, choose monochrome stripes that not only compliment your outfit but also add a graphic punch to his look. Shirt here .
When it comes to men accessories, sunglasses and watches are my favorites, as well as pocket squares so don’t be afraid to play with them.
You may wonder why ties are nowhere to be found, it is simply because men in general hate them and want to feel comfortable in what they are wearing (they are not like us and our damn heels!) and I personally think that ties are too formal so let the groom have it.

Guys, be ready to steal everybody’s thunder at the next wedding!
Wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Xo, G.


minimalism 1

While packing my stuff for tomorrow’s departure (vacay! vacay! vacay!), I was quite surprised to see how M I N I M A L I S T my outfits are going to be this summer.
Most of us are patiently waiting for summer to arrive to take out our floral prints, brights and crazy accessories and just have fun wearing bold outfits we wouldn’t normally wear in our everyday life, and I was that kind of person until now. I didn’t realize how much the minimalist trend has impacted my personal style lately. Surprisingly, this time the clothes I am taking with me are mostly white, military green and blue denim but also grey, burgundy, black and navy with no prints at all! But, it doesn’t mean that I have completely eradicated bright colors and bold prints from my wardrobe. My evening looks may be minimalist and toned-down but I am definitely going to make a statement in my beach wear. ^^
Hopefully, I will be able to update my blog from down there but if not, I will share everything once I am back.

Great day folks,

Xo, G.

minimalism 2

minimalism 3

minimalism 4

minimalism 5


ESPADRILLES 1Once peasant footwear, E S P A D R I L L E S are today one of the most coveted shoes women wear during the spring and summer months and style them in a variety of ways. I came up with five looks to wear your espadrilles in the most stylish way possible, whether it be for work, the beach or to run some errands. The only thing that is left for you to do, is decide which material suits you the best and simply go for it. Canvas espadrilles are the most common and cheap, but there’s a great and wild range of leather out there with amazing prints and colors, though those made out of lace are quite interesting too especially to pull off chic yet comfy looks.

Enjoy today’s outfits folks,

Xo, G.






belle de jour 1I am back with five new looks  B E L L E D E J O U R  to wear during the day.
If you are more of a boho-chic girl, go for airy fabrics and don’t forget to add some fringes, embroidered pieces and espadrilles. For elegant daytime events, trade your comfy espadrilles for platform sandals or mules to pair with a two-piece ensemble featuring a crop top and high-waist maxi ethereal skirt or a mid-calf color-block dress.
But in case you want to keep it less boho and more sexy, the tight skirt is the way to go. Try it with a crocheted crop top in order to keep it modern yet original.

Xo, G.

belle de jour 2

belle de jour 3

belle de jour 4

belle de jour 5


DEAR SHEER 1Women love S H E E R clothing maybe for the same reasons I do. Sheer clothes give us ladies the opportunity to reveal some parts of our bodies without having to get completely naked or wear little tiny tops or dresses. It is the most subtle way of being simultaneously sexy and properly dressed.
Moreover, numerous celebrities have proved that 2015 is the year of the sheer dress as no event has happened or will ever happen, without actresses, models or singers showing off their toned legs, bellies or tiny breasts in some of the most gorgeous designs from houses such as Zuhair Murad, Ralph & Russo, Elie Saab or Versace. Here is a link to the album of the best dressed celebrities for 2014/2015 that you can check out on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.666204010153720.1073741856.292515684189223&type=3

Enjoy your day guys and thanks for visiting my blog,

Xo, G.






SHOWSTOPPING OUTFITS 1I am very sorry for the lack of update these past couple of days and to make up for it, I have prepared these S H O W S T O P P I N G outfits to wear during these melting hot days that we are coping with lately.
As the previous outfit post was all about B L A C K, it came as natural to me to do the total opposite today and share some bold, bright looks consisting of statement pieces, some of which have unusual and quite different prints from what we are used to see.
So take a minute and enjoy guys.

Have a N I C E one!

Xo, G.