THE ANGEL 1 It is true that white is not exclusively reserved for summer clothing or wedding dresses anymore. It has become clear in the past couple of years that white has took over fall/winter collections year after year and that it is on its way to dethrone black. Indeed, it looks like white is a great and chic alternative to the usual black color that has been dominating the fashion industry for decades. And personally I say a big yes to that amazing trend but one question remains, how to wear white in winter? Most of us use public transport, walk in the rain or snow and needless to say how dirty it can get, so who’s gonna go for a white coat for example? A coat you will have to clean multiple times and pay attention to where you sit or who touches you in the street, so that’s a big no to wear white in my everyday life, but only from October to March. After winter is over, I have noticed that there is plenty of white outfits everywhere especially in summer when our sun-tanned skins allow us to wear all kind of colors or prints and try new trends. So here are five white looks to try as of now guys.

Take care and have a nice one,

Xo, G.





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