DOA 1My obsession with the TV show SONS OF ANARCHY has not only made me order patches that I will sew on my hooded sweatshirt as soon as I receive them, but it has also pushed me to create five bad-ass looks inspired by the Samcro crew who during all 7 seasons only wear black leather, blue jeans, biker boots and sneakers, white, black, navy or khaki t-shirts/shirts.
I actually always had a thing for bikers and the way they dress; they always look ultra cool and while their rebel style seems effortless and even though most of their clothes are sloppy, worn-out and dirty, it is impressive when you look closer at it, how they pay attention to little details. For instance, they all wear men jewelry, belts, different hats and head accessories, sunglasses… Even their haircuts and beards are thought through so they definitely must be the most unusual trend setters that have never stopped inspiring me.

That being said, I am sharing with you five of the latest outfits I have created that are mainly inspired by the SOA members and to which I added a lot of my personal touch.

Thanks for visiting my blog guys. ^_^

Xo, G.





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