60s style 1For today’s post I found inspiration in fashion from the 60s, which is a crucial period in the history of fashion as the diverse trends that appeared at that time were made to last. I always wished I was born in the 50s first because historically it was a beginning of a new era when drastic yet positive changes happened in terms of economy and standard of living, but also because both women and men were paying attention to their looks.

The first look is coming straight from one of my favorite movies, THE HELP. The mean Hilly Holbrook magnificently performed by Bryce Dallas Howard had quite a few stylish moments but my favorite is most definitely the one consisting of a floral-printed shirt and royal blue pants, that she wore in a scene when she confronted Emma Stone on the porch of her house. I immediately fell in love with her outfit and kept in somewhere in my mind that reappeared while I was putting together ensembles for today’s post.

As you may already know, floral-prints, crop tops, bell-bottom jeans, wedges, fringes, mini dresses, stilettos, fluorescent colors and prints were all born in the 60s and are still popular today, 50 years later so we should all be thankful for the trendsetters and fashion designers from the 60s ’cause ask yourself,  how would the fashion industry look today if it wasn’t for them?

Have a beautiful one my loves,

Xo, G.

60s style 2

60s style 3

60s style 4

60s style 5

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