WG 1The weekend at the seaside in Novi Grad in Croatia with some good friends was exactly what we needed and even more. The weather wasn’t ideal as it was windy all weekend long but we wewe anyways able to enjoy the first swimming this season in the beautiful Adriatic sea with its 24 degrees. But the best thing must be the little cabin we spent the weened at that is located just steps from the sea so we had the chance to fell asleep and woke up with the sound of the waves every day, and I swear, it is the best feeling ever.

The seagulls also played a great role in making my weekend invigorating and very cool. We fed them while emptying and cleaning the sardines we bought for lunch. At the end they were more than 20 on the beach, flying above us, fighting between them and some of them making their recognizable noises. After that I had the feeling they were following us as I kept hearing them scream everywhere we went. ^_^

I hope you will like the pics I snapped. Sorry that some of them have blurry parts, but I didn’t noticed that the lens was dirty! I will pay more attention to that the next time.

Have a beautiful evening guys,

Xo, G.

Wearing : H&M denim romper | La Halle swimwear |

WG 2

WG 3

WG 4

WG 5

WG 6

WG 7

WG 8

WG 9

WG 10

WG 11

WG 12

WG 13

WG 14

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