BURGUNDY DRESS 1Dress and jacket from Zara | Le Pliage bag from Longchamp | Sneakers from Converse

The other day I felt like wearing a dress even though my legs are white like snow but they ain’t gonna stay that way since summer is already here with the temperature up to 31 degrees. Yay! Me happey! The leather jacket was completely unnecessary but thoughts like “you never know” are still in my mind and I need to switch off that voice ’cause there’s no way it’s gonna get chilly before Ocotber/November, at least I hope so! Don’t need another shitty summer…

The dress I wore is a very comfy one that however tends to get loose after the first 30minutes of wearing it. Even though it is a size S it is a bit to large for me but I don’t mind as I’ll wear it only in casual/sporty looks. Love the top part though. The collar is quite high and tight which is very hard to find these days, and the sleeves are great too. I’ll maybe make a t-shirt of it in the future… who knows!

Wish you a nice one folks,

Xo, G.



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