FPTL WORKWEAR 1When it comes to dressing for work I like to think that I am a bit conservative. It doesn’t mean that I am against dresses or skirts, far from that but I like a good shirt and nice pair of pants with a pair of elegant shoes. It all definitely looks better with a pair of high heeled pumps but I have seen tall, slim women killing it in flats such as loafers or ballerinas. So for today’s post, I wanted to share 5 outfits to wear at the office and that involve only pants.
The shoes I used are pumps from one of my favorite shoe designers, Gianvito Rossi and Gommino loafers from Tod’s that I find particularly chic. Moreover, they come in so many beautiful shades that are simply perfect for the spring-summer season.
As you can see, I mainly used blue and camel which would forever be the best two colors to wear for work, if you ask me. Grey and burgundy too. But there is also a black and white look with a touch of royal blue for those who think my other four ensembles aren’t chic enough. ^^

Take care guys and thanks for visiting my blog,

Xo, G.


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