fptl crop top 1To welcome the Sun and the warmer weather, I went for this super cute crop top I bought at H&M a few months ago and that I never wore until today. There are tons of items in my closet that are actually still waiting to be worn and I’m pretty sure that’s a common thing for us ladies. ^^ Anyways, love the aztec/leopard print and bright colors mixed with black, which make this sweater a bold statement piece that looks great paired with basic pieces like I did today, or it can also look fierce with a black and white skirt or trousers. It would be a very interesting outfit!
Now all I have to do is to find high-waisted trousers or skirt in a stripe pattern…
For the bottom part, I decided to wear the comfiest pair of jeans I ever possessed which is from Gap’s last year spring collection. It is a classic and timeless piece I’m gonna wear 5 years from now. That’s for sure!
The light beige parka is from Primark and my excellent pair of Air Force are from Nike.
It is a very modern, comfortable and joyful outfit.

Hope you’ll like it guys and thanks for visiting my blog.

Wish you a beautiful night,

Xo, G.

fptl crop top 2

fptl crop top 4

fptl crop top 6

fptl crop top 9

fptl crop top 10


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