Yesterday was a dressy casual day for me as I wanted to wear heels for a change. I bought these camel booties two years ago and am still surprised how they don’t make walking painful! After my Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers and Geox boots, these are the third least painful heels I possess. But as I hate driving in heels, I most of the time wear flat shoes. So when you see me wearing heels, you know the husband is playing the chauffeur. ^^
Anyways, I wanted the outfit to be a bit edgy so I wore these super comfy faux-leather pants from Zara. Even though they tend to ride up a lot, the feeling isn’t annoying, it’s just a bit weird visually. The positive thing is that they adjust to the position I am in, so when I am sitting they automatically ride up so I don’t have to pull them up myself. Thanks God I am not that obsessed with these kind of details, ’cause I know people who would never step out if everything isn’t perfect. After all, they are not 1,500€ euro leather pants from Balmain, so …
And if you ask me, what is the coolest piece of clothing I would always answer, denim shirt!
I love to pair denim shirts with everything! I have always had this crazy obsession with denim jackets so there’s no surprise I am hooked on denim shirts too. The one I am wearing is from Primark and I love that it’s made of high-quality fabric. Primark really has some amazing designs, I’ll pay it a visit next time I am in Paris, which is going to be pretty soon!
And that coat from Morgan de Toi is the best thing I inherited from my sister. It is almost a vintage piece! Women in my family including my mother and sister are all fond of their clothes and keep them intact for yeaaars and when we reach the point when we are simply bored by our old but looking new stuff, we swap them among ourselves. My sister’s the luckiest as she got some custom made blazers from the 70s belonging to my mom with checked patterns, black and white tweed, velvet … They are too large for me but maybe in 5-10 years they’ll be mine! Who knows… ^^
And to finish off my look of the day, what a better accessory than a houndstooth scarf. As I mentioned it in yesterday’s post outfit, teaming black and white with pastels or brights is my thing. I love this scarf but I am looking for a larger one for next winter. If you know where I can find one, leave me a comment.

Take care guys and have a nice one!

Xo, G.


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