ZOO DAY So for International Women’s Day I wanted to go to the ZOO in Ljubljana since I haven’t visited it yet so we spent a nice 1.30 hour there, and I must say it was a nice date with my husband.
Seeing all these animals made my day, except for the fact that they are so freaking depressed for being locked up and it made me so uncomfortable and sad seeing them like that.
Some animals have a great surface area for play and walk while many of them are confined in small shitty holes.
The two cheetahs were the first wild animals we get to see. On the picture you can see both of them staring at a bunch of kids running and I can imagine what kind of thoughts were going through their minds at that moment! Hehe

ZOO DAY This poor bear was laying down trying to avoid the annoying family who was screaming at him while he was trying to take a nap, I guess.
I can read ‘assholes’ in his eyes.
There was another bear but he was walking back and forth like he was making some plan to escape and I couldn’t take a good picture of him. I hope his plan works and they can both run away… ^^
Their surface area is pretty small, someone should find a solution to extend that yard. There is plenty of space around it…

ZOO DAY The chimpanzees were inside because of the cold.
I took this picture while he was peeing and the next picture is even worse because you can see him taking a dump and play with his excrement. Talking about bad timing.
Anyways, there were 3 chimpanzees in such a small and very dirty place, and you could see sadness on their faces, it was all heartbreaking that we had to leave immediately.
Their outside cage is small too ’cause when I compare to what I have seen in Phuket Zoo and Zoo de Vincennes in Paris for example, monkeys in general had plenty of space to play.

ZOO DAY There are two tigers at the Zoo and they are both extremely beautiful.
Their spaces are wide and nice, and I love the glass walls which give every visitor the opportunity to see them up close. That’s a nice experience.
I just don’t understand why the two tigers are separated by a huge fence.
Fighting a lot maybe!

ZOO DAY And here comes my favorite animal, the leopard.
It is such an elegant animal, and look at these colors!

ZOO DAY With the chimpanzees, the elephant is the other animal whose situation should be improved.
The outside surface area is way too small while the inside one is the size of my living room.
That’s shameful.
Having one of the most intelligent animals who is used to live in groups, left alone and in a very small place is just inhuman.

ZOO DAY These two are the happiest I think.
Not only do they have the best place ever they also seem happy to be there.
And by the way, they don’t give a damn about visitors. Call them, make noise, scream at them, they won’t even take a look. I got lucky though, I caught both their faces right the first time!


ZOO DAY Had to take a pic with them since ‘Gisele Bündchen’ on the left was posing for the camera.
Their space area is awesome. Should bring the bears here … ^^

ZOO DAY How do they get so fat just by eating straw??

ZOO DAY My husband took this picture of this llama staring at me…
He was afraid he was going to spit on me, haha.

ZOO DAY The End.

Hope you have enjoyed my pictures guys.
I have been quite critical but I must tell that this Zoo is one of the best I have ever visited.
I love it for its ‘untouched’ environment. It is pretty wild and nature is respected.
I was nicely surprised.

Xo, G.


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