ALL-BLACK LOOKI thought I would be writing about cooking and sharing with you my beef Bourguignon recipe in today’s post, but it happens that I somehow erased the pictures and will once more talk fashion by sharing pictures of my personal #lookoftheday.
As you can see, I kept it quite minimalist today by wearing an all-black look consisting of a cashmere little black dress, tights and my favorite ankle boots.
This little dress that I occasionally wear as a tunic over jeans, is one of my favorite items of clothing I do possess. Not only it is made of high quality fabric, it also happens to be the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. The 3/4 sleeves are another reason why I’m fond of it. As far as I can remember, I always had a special thing for 3/4 sleeves. Like even right now, my pajamas top sleeves are rolled up so it gives it a 3/4 sleeves look. Don’t know where that comes from!?! Or maybe I do… Anyways!
To finish off the look, I went for a beige and white cardigan with a winter motif to keep me warm.
Besides, I thought it gives the look an effortless, easy feel.

Take care guys!

Xo, G.


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