TB WEDDING 1It’s been four days since I arrived in Paris and I started to terribly missing my husband today, so I went through our wedding pictures and I selected a few of them to share with you.
I love my wed pictures more than any other photos I have. While our wedding video isn’t that good, even though we hired a professional who worked on music videos, documentaries and had at least 20 years of experience in that field, the photographers were simply amazing and totally worked in harmony with me and respected my vision on how I wanted the pictures to be which is spontaneous and casual.

The first picture is of our fists showing our rings off and seconds after making our first fist bump as a married couple. And actually, that has become something we regularly do when we agree on something. ^^


TB WEDDING 3As the color of the wedding was coral, I got this beautifully and simply made bouquet of fresh roses and nice white pearls glued all over it.

TB WEDDING 4And here comes Cinderella… Yeah, well, the big difference between Cinderella and me, is that I didn’t loose my shoes, I couldn’t even take them off! ^^ See, they are super comfortable for high heels but the thing that went wrong is that my feet were swollen at some point and with so many straps, it is mission impossible to get your feet out! But at the same time I got many compliments on them so I guess that is 50/50.
I bought them at Mass.

TB WEDDING 5But the worst thing that could ever happen to a bride is to get her makeup done by some incompetent b**** who didn’t even went to an artistic makeup school and was working in this reputable beauty salon in Ljubljana where my sister and I went to pamper ourselves and relax a bit. But things went really wrooong! We literally looked like transvestites. When I first laid eyes on my sister I started laughing so hard that I cried and she laughed her ass off too because she knew something wrong was going on. The lines of her face disappeared under tons of cheap foundation which didn’t even respected her skin tone, and when I saw what the b**** has done with her eyes, I was pretty sceptical on letting her do my makeup too but I didn’t have much choice.
Once she finished to put on my foundation, I asked to see myself in a mirror and the result was hilarious. I didn’t even let her do my eyes. My sister and couldn’t even look at each other without crying with laughter. The first thing we did at home was to wash our faces off and apply our makeup ourselves. It is too bad we didn’t take a selfie this day but my sister’s fake face is stuck with me for eternity and it’s the same for her. Ahhh.

Oh yeah, my earrings are from Oliver Weber.




TB WEDDING 6My dear husband and I in black and white…


photocatiSpontaneous and casual…


0349I was fooling around at the end of the photo shoot ’cause I was exhausted and needed to cheer myself up to keep going, ’cause it was a crazy day full of good and bad emotions.

My dress is made of silk chiffon as I wanted it to have this airy and ethereal feel and the band lace is embellished with Swarovski crystals to match my earrings. Even though it was custom made, I have lost 4kgs in 2 days and the dress was falling down all day long. I was so sad that it didn’t fit as the day I brought it home. Sniff sniff …


photocatsHope you will enjoy my pics guys!

Xo, G.

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