SUNDAY FUNDAY 1You can say that I am a simple living mountain person enjoying everything Nature has to offer and even though I love visiting large metropolitan cities, I would never live in one ever again. I feel so happy and free when instead of modern skyscrapers I see mountains and never-ending fields I can walk and run in during summer, and go sledging in during winter. I dream of visiting smaller countries with gorgeous natural landscapes such as Scotland, Norway, Iceland or New Zealand. With my husband we have made a deal that once we are done building our dream house, we will go on a crazy, adventurous, far far away trip to change our habits at 100%. Can’t wait!

In the meanwhile, we regularly go on a walk in our forest and fields and sometime take pictures to share with you the beauty we got to see every time we step out of the house. Today the weather was perfect. As you can see in the pics, the fields were golden and I felt like strolling in a field somewhere in Arizona. Hehe. I know shit about Arizona by the way, but from what I have seen so far in movies and documentaries, I can say it is a beautiful state with an outstanding natural landscape. It is on my ‘places to visit’ list too.

For a stroll in nature, I usually go for track pants but after spending two consecutive days in a track suit, I wanted to change a bit and went for this light blue pair of Levi’s 529 (I think) which I paired with a warm light blue top and petrol blue down coat. The grey scarf is so damn cozy and since I bought it, I cannot live without it.
To be honest guys, this post is more about showing you the beauty of this country than giving you some outfit inspiration so enjoy the pictures and don’t worry about my look of the day.

This would be all for today guys, take care!
Xo, G.

I am wearing : FRACOMINA down coat + QUECHUA sweatshirt + H&M scarf + LEVI’S jeans + NIKE Air Force sneakers







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