NINA 1‘My feet were the first thing my auntie saw when she came to visit me in Paris.
It was love at first sight, she said.’

NINA 2‘I just pooped and it was my uncle’s turn to change my diaper.
Strangely, he didn’t mind the smell and he was so gentle my uncle.’

NINA 3‘Can you tell I am eating?
My auntie snapped my wide open toes.
I love them breasts, yummy!’

NINA 4‘My sneakers lover auntie went shopping and voilĂ ! My first pair of Vans.
I was the coolest kid on the block. I mean, I am the coolest kid on the block!’

NINA 5‘Then with my auntie we read the ingredients on this chips packaging.’

NINA 6‘After the reading session, she gave me an important assignment for her blog.
This is how we do it at From Paris To Ljubljana!’

NINA 7‘The afternoon walk was unavoidable, wearing matching outfits.
Nori and Kim who?’

NINA 8‘I picked the flower, my auntie took a picture of the flower,
I put the flower in my mouth, my auntie throw away the flower …’

NINA 9Partners in crime, as my auntie likes to call us’.

NINA 10‘My auntie said my feet will be large as hers are…
I hope not! Ew!’

NINA 11‘I took my auntie’s panama hat, her almost finished yogurt and ran!
“Catch me if you can fuckers… ”
She made 2-3 steps and caught me! She really has large feet my auntie…’

NINA 12‘But I love my auntie anyways. Especially when she feeds me.’

Hope you’ll enjoy my little story and pics guys.
I miss my niece so much.

Xo, G.