MAKEUP ROUTINE 1My first beauty article was written 2-3 days ago and I told myself why not complete the whole ‘beauty routine’ theme by sharing my favorite makeup products.
As you can see, my entire makeup ‘collection’ fits in one pouch. Apart from the skin products, I have a very limited amount of makeup.
The skin products I use for a while now, are just amazing. I apply la CC crème from BOURJOIS, which is great by the way, before my foundation. For daytime I use Aera Teint from VICHY as its texture is very light and non-greasy. While for a night out, I go for Toleriane teint by LA ROCHE-POSAY which offers high-coverage and lasts for ever! I have been using these products for 2 years now and I am fully satisfied with them. Go for these two foundations if like me you have a naturally greasy and quite problematic skin.
I have tried Clinique, Estée Lauder, Dior and Chanel foundations but none of them were as good as those I am using now. The above listed brands are making makeup for naturally beautiful skins so don’t go spending 40€ on Chanel foundations when you can have a great product at the pharmacy and this for less than 20€.
The L’ORÉAL BB cream isn’t bad. A bit too dry but very easy to apply. I used it during summer as it is a period of time when I rarely wear foundation. But I prefer Garnier BB creams.
Once I have applied the foundation, I use either Poudre Minérale from NUXE or GlamBronze from L’ORÉAL. The first one is almost invisible but matifying. I love it but the pot isn’t that practical so I don’t think I would buy it again. The GlamBronze is awesome! It gives my skin a certain glow but it can also be used as a highlighter too.
The ELITE brushes are excellent too!

MAKEUP ROUTINE 2When it comes to eye makeup, I only have this L’ORÉAL eye shadow and that is good enough for me as my eye shadows always end in the trash before I even use them entirely. This palette is perfect for brown eyes and I will definitely stick to this range of L’Oréal eye shadows. But my must-have item is the ARTDECO eyebrow pencil which I use to color and define my brow shape and give my eyes some intensity.
And speaking of intensity, the eye-liner from ARTDECO is actually a very good product and extremely easy to apply. As for the mascara from MAYBELLINE, I must admit I only bought it ’cause it was in promotion…
And finally, the lips! I use LABELLO on a daily basis and find it sufficient most of the time, but sometimes I like my lips hyper bright so I got myself this Fuchsia flash Color Sensational 902 lipstick from MAYBELLINE and bright red l’Extrait Colère M25 from GUERLAIN. Both are excellent so I highly recommend them!

Well, that would be all for today dear readers, wish you all a beautiful night!

Xo, G.


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