NINA 1‘My feet were the first thing my auntie saw when she came to visit me in Paris.
It was love at first sight, she said.’

NINA 2‘I just pooped and it was my uncle’s turn to change my diaper.
Strangely, he didn’t mind the smell and he was so gentle my uncle.’

NINA 3‘Can you tell I am eating?
My auntie snapped my wide open toes.
I love them breasts, yummy!’

NINA 4‘My sneakers lover auntie went shopping and voilà! My first pair of Vans.
I was the coolest kid on the block. I mean, I am the coolest kid on the block!’

NINA 5‘Then with my auntie we read the ingredients on this chips packaging.’

NINA 6‘After the reading session, she gave me an important assignment for her blog.
This is how we do it at From Paris To Ljubljana!’

NINA 7‘The afternoon walk was unavoidable, wearing matching outfits.
Nori and Kim who?’

NINA 8‘I picked the flower, my auntie took a picture of the flower,
I put the flower in my mouth, my auntie throw away the flower …’

NINA 9Partners in crime, as my auntie likes to call us’.

NINA 10‘My auntie said my feet will be large as hers are…
I hope not! Ew!’

NINA 11‘I took my auntie’s panama hat, her almost finished yogurt and ran!
“Catch me if you can fuckers… ”
She made 2-3 steps and caught me! She really has large feet my auntie…’

NINA 12‘But I love my auntie anyways. Especially when she feeds me.’

Hope you’ll enjoy my little story and pics guys.
I miss my niece so much.

Xo, G.


STATEMENT COAT 1I am wearing // KANA BEACH coat // GAP skinny jeans // PRIMARK necklace // GEOX boots

I am so pissed right now!
All I wrote in the last hour just disappeared!!
The last sentence was ‘I am more of a ’70s fashion fan than I thought’…
That would be all for today.
Enjoy the pics guys!

Xo, G.



GET LUCKYThis is the only car air  freshener I ever bought and this just because it was a four-leaf clover.

SKY & BIRDS Spring in Paris. About 8pm.
While taking a walk with my sis and niece, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of these ‘agitated’ birds flying back and forth like in the Hitchcock movie.
It was beautiful to look at, but we anyways walked quickly towards the house…
you never know! ^^

FLOWERSIn my garden in Croatia.
It was the beginning of Spring, the flowers were beautiful, the light was perfect and … click !
It is my favorite picture actually.

CAT I am so in love with this Parisian cat!
While I was taking picture after picture, he stayed still, stared at me the whole time and even after I left he didn’t move an inch.
Cats are crazy.

LEAFSimply a leaf.

Ironically, I am afraid of flying with airplanes but if I could have one magical power, it would be flying.

CAT 2This is Miki, my sister’s cat descendant.
He is living a happy life somewhere in ‘wild’ Croatia.

SCORPION I came across this little bastard this summer in Krk, Croatia.
So my first reaction was to find as much information as possible on Croatian scorpions and on  Wiki they said there are not very dangerous. Pfiou!
I slept badly that night though…

Hope you’ll enjoy my pics guys!

Xo, G.


MAKEUP ROUTINE 1My first beauty article was written 2-3 days ago and I told myself why not complete the whole ‘beauty routine’ theme by sharing my favorite makeup products.
As you can see, my entire makeup ‘collection’ fits in one pouch. Apart from the skin products, I have a very limited amount of makeup.
The skin products I use for a while now, are just amazing. I apply la CC crème from BOURJOIS, which is great by the way, before my foundation. For daytime I use Aera Teint from VICHY as its texture is very light and non-greasy. While for a night out, I go for Toleriane teint by LA ROCHE-POSAY which offers high-coverage and lasts for ever! I have been using these products for 2 years now and I am fully satisfied with them. Go for these two foundations if like me you have a naturally greasy and quite problematic skin.
I have tried Clinique, Estée Lauder, Dior and Chanel foundations but none of them were as good as those I am using now. The above listed brands are making makeup for naturally beautiful skins so don’t go spending 40€ on Chanel foundations when you can have a great product at the pharmacy and this for less than 20€.
The L’ORÉAL BB cream isn’t bad. A bit too dry but very easy to apply. I used it during summer as it is a period of time when I rarely wear foundation. But I prefer Garnier BB creams.
Once I have applied the foundation, I use either Poudre Minérale from NUXE or GlamBronze from L’ORÉAL. The first one is almost invisible but matifying. I love it but the pot isn’t that practical so I don’t think I would buy it again. The GlamBronze is awesome! It gives my skin a certain glow but it can also be used as a highlighter too.
The ELITE brushes are excellent too!

Well, that would be all for today dear readers, wish you all a beautiful night!

Xo, G.


BEAUTY PRODUCTSAnd here comes the first beauty post since I have started the blog. As I wrote previously, I am not an expert whatsoever in makeup nor will I reveal some great tips today but I will definitely share my current favorite products and give you my opinion on them.

After using Cleanance Gel from Avène for years, I have decided to try Neutrogena products as I heard good things about this cleansing/scrubbing gel and surprisingly, it is not a bad product at all. However, it won’t be on my shopping list next time because I cannot stand the grapefruit scent anymore.
Then once a week, I use the gentle peeling (the pot with the blue product) and bio-sulfur matifying care mask both from the Swiss brand Hormeta. They are just perfect as after applying them, my skin is instantly radiant. So yes to both of them.
The astringent lotion Effeclar by La Roche-Posay is a good product too. Those lotions are not miraculous but they do make your skin cleaner, so I use it on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day.
While the 100% natural green clay paste by Argiletz Laboratoire, I only apply it once or twice a month and it helps keeping my skin smoother and without pimples. I use it since I am 15.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS 2Then the second step of my beauty routine is to moisturize my skin. I use three very different creams and a spray. I use the Silverex Exclusive cream before putting on my makeup as it dries pretty quickly. The smell is pleasant and delicate, as it should be for products used on a daily basis. The Bio Naïa cream moisturized perfectly and I apply it mostly on my eyes as I use the Aroma-Perfection by Nuxe on the rest of my face. However, I am pretty disappointed by it, first because of its sticky texture and second its smell, that is why I apply it only at night.
The silver-based spray by Silverex as well, is a great product to use without moderation. I use it several times a day and it purifies and unifies my skin.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS 3 At the end, I am pretty satisfied by those products. Some of them are excellent other are not that good, but they all keep my skin neat and unified.

That would be all for today guys!

Xo, G.

LOOKS OF THE DAY / 15.11.2014

LOTD 1Love how black, grey, white and cobalt blue work together. It is actually one of my favorite combos both for casual wear as well as when it comes to dress for a more formal occasion. This popular Alexander Wang x H&M dress is the piece that caught my eye the most.  Love the body-kissing shape, the color-blocking and the AW’s all over it. I paired it with a bad-ass biker leather jacket to keep it all in the kick-ass context Alexander Wang created over his sporty and military collection. As the most coveted pair of sneakers nowadays, these simple leather slip-ons were an obvious choice to complete this ultra-modern casual look. The metallic cobalt blue mini pashli shoulder bag brightens it up and instantly gives the look ‘ce petit quelque chose‘! Oversized black sunglasses are not mandatory but strongly suggested. ^^LOTD 2This look is also very inspiring as it mixes several styles which are extremely interesting when worn together. First, there is this eye-catching sweatshirt from H&M’s Denim Conscious collection worn over a leather white mini skirt with a zipper right in the middle. Sporty + Sexy. Second, the double-breasted coat adds some elegance to the two previous pieces. The biker ankle boots give a bit masculine and rebellious twist to the set and the back pack is the ‘childlike‘ piece. I don’t know you, but I really like the result! LOTD 3Dressing for work should be the easier as there is an existing code for workwear. What I mean by that is that either you wear a pant or a skirt and eventually a dress. This time I used pants and simply paired them with a classic and timeless white shirt, a chic blue sweater and a grey coat. The magnificently made flashy orange point shoes are here to brighten it all up and simply because this bright color goes so well with blue. LOTD 4Maleficent-inspired sexy all-black ensemble whose particularity is that it makes every woman looks fierce, from skinny Angelina Jolie to chubby Kim Kardashian, this outfit brings out the sexiness and beauty of every woman wearing it.

Enjoy folks!

Xo, G.



Today I was wearing : Zara navy blue turtleneck + DKNY Jeans navy blue flares + a brandless oversized cardigan bought in Paris last year + Georges brown and navy Mary Jane shoes,
a white H&M scarf

There is nothing like an oversized, cozy yet fashionable cardigan when you want keep it warm and fashionable. Its neutral shade makes it easy to combine with almost every color. My all navy blue outfit was inspired by the style from the 70s as I decided to wear my 3/4 sleeves turtleneck with a pair of flares which are as you can see, extremely long, too long for my short legs! Therefore, I can only wear them with high heels so I have decided to make today a high-heels-kind-of-day and went for a smooth lady-like look. I love my makeup natural for daytime especially when I am wearing neutral or lighter colors.

Cheers guys!

Xo, G.









Piran 1I realize that five days have passed since my last outfit post and I am quite frustrated that all my attempts to create nice shots were in vain. The thing is that this fucking weather is depressing these days! Not only do I have to deal with the rain, I now have to struggle with the poor light too. Today exactly at noon, I got to turn on the light in my kitchen so I could see while cooking!!
So today’s post is going to be about my day trip to Piran, one of Slovenia’s major tourist attractions. It was actually a perfect day to visit this small town on the Adriatic Sea. What I love most about it, is the alignment of houses and restaurants of every kind of colors along the sea. We had lunch in a very cozy, beautifully decorated and offering a quite good quality food restaurant named ‘Tri Vdove’ (The Three Widows).
For having visited Budva in Montenegro, Split, Krk and many other little towns and islands in Croatia which also have much medieval architecture and typical narrow streets, Piran seemed so déjà-vu. But I simply love those little streets and houses, made of hundreds-year-old stones, which are so familiar and remind me how beautiful and rich the culture I come from is.
It is not surprising that the best TV show of all times, Game of Thrones, is partly filmed on the Croatian coast. For those who are huge GoT fans, King’s Landing is the part made in Croatia and some scenes with Daenerys.
I always got carried away when talking about this show. Haha. What can I do, I love it!
Anyways, I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I hopefully will be able to post some outfit pictures very soon. In the meanwhile, take car guys!

Xo, G.

Piran 2

Piran 3

Piran 4

Piran 5Piran 6

Piran 7

Piran 8

Piran 9

Piran 10


I AM FULLY SATISFIED with my faux-leather pants and recommend it to anyone. I have been looking for them for a while and even though I wanted tapered pants in faux-leather, the skinny ones ended up being a good purchase too.
As it gets colder, they are the best pair of trousers you can wear since they keep you warm and protects against the cold wind. Not to mention that they are the most stylish and covetable pants these days.

My black turtleneck top seemed the most appropriate top to wear as I wanted a total black look. You can see my white shirt popping out which has been done on purpose, but as it was too chilly and windy while we were shooting, I kept my coat on so there’s no pics about my look without the coat.
The black and white houndstooth scarf gives a sophisticated vibe to my casual attire, especially when worn down. My hi top black converse dress it all a bit down but I think they might not be the right pair of sneakers to wear with these pants. Indeed, I tried them with low converse and the result was way better than in these pics, but as I mentioned before, we don’t have L.A weather here anymore so I have to keep my ankles warm. ^_^

Xo, G.