Today’s look of the day consists of a very smooth cashmere striped dress which I wore under a very cozy and warm oversized cardigan. I love the feeling this cardigan gives me every time I wear it; the impression that I haven’t left my bed and that I’m still under my quilt. If this isn’t the best feeling ever, I don’t know what is!
This is what I love most about oversized knitwear which is ideal for the type of chilly weather we currently have in Slovenia. I just hope it’s not going to rain again, ’cause rain sucks, right?! Not only I feel depressed as soon as it starts raining but it prevents me from shooting outdoor pictures, it also ruins all my look from head to toe, unless I carry my super large and heavy umbrella which is also super bulky. It just goes on and on and on… Hopefully, we will experience a rainless end of autumn, that would be awesome!

Wish you all a great Saturday night!

Xo, G.



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