CDV 2 1As promised, here is the second part of the day I spent at le Parc du Château de Versailles. I tried to capture all the beauty of it, but it’s actually impossible. There’s so much magic in this park and being able to take a walk in a place where royalties were living and spending most of their time hundreds of years ago, gave me butterflies, kind of. I was pretty excited to walk in their footsteps. With my husband, we discussed the architecture, the immensity of the park, the symmetry of the ponds and trees, it all impressed us since we didn’t expect such a huge place to be so perfect and well-maintained.

Hope you’ll enjoy the pics!

Xo, G.

CDV 2 2

CDV 2 3

CDV 2 4

CDV 2 5

CDV 2 6

CDV 2 7

CDV 2 8

CDV 2 9

CDV 2 10

CDV 2 11

CDV 2 12

CDV 2 13

CDV 2 14

CDV 2 15

CDV 2 16

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