When I opened my eyes this morning, the rays of sunshine were penetrating through the curtains into my bedroom and in my world, there’s no better way to start the day. Just after I have taken my breakfast, I stepped on the balcony and immediately felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. It feels strange to be able to walk around barefoot and wearing nothing but a t-shirt at this time of the year. At 10 a.m it was 21°C …

So I have decided to make the most of this beautiful day and went for a morning stroll in the nature, for which I opted for a very simple and comfortable outfit consisting of a v-neck grey and white Gap t-shirt, a dark blue denim sleeveless Levi’s jacket (the 15-year-old one I got from my sister – almost a vintage piece ^^ – and decided to cut the sleeves off) paired with light pink Zara skinny jeans. To finish the look, I took out my favorite and most comfy silver leather gladiator sandals bought in Greece.

I always loved how pink and grey harmonize, especially the lighter shades of these two colors. Talking of which, I am currently looking for a beautiful fluffy candy pink sweater but all those that caught my eye were 100% made of acrylic or polyester and I am so against synthetic fabrics. The one I saw at Stradivarius is beautiful and pretty soft, but the smell is so unbearable! I guess I’ll have to try to wash the bad smell off and wear it over a shirt to get used to it. But if some of you know where I can find a fluffy sweater made at least of 40% cotton, I would be very appreciative if you could help me.

Have a nice one guys!

Xo, G.







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