I am wearing : H&M baseball jacket and t-shirt, Stradivarius jeans

Fall is the worst season of the year for me since it puts an end to Summer, it rains all the time and trees are bare of leaves. At my great surprise, I have learned to appreciate the good things Autumn has to offer. Have to admit that this mild weather helps me a lot!
I have forced myself to think of Autumn as the beginning of something new. In my world, the new year kicks off in September, a month when I start focusing on new projects.
This year for instance, I have decided to start this blog which made my bucket list a bit shorter. But there are still many others, some of which have to wait another year or two to get started and some I have been struggling for years to achieve. Still not done to this day by the way!
However, no matter how demanding those projects and challenges are, I try to face them in style.
Yesterday’s weather was extremely mild and sunny (today’s too) and it felt like Spring actually. Nevertheless, I always carry a light jacket with me in case it gets chilly but these days short sleeves are all you need.

I got this green and white baseball jacket at H&M a few years ago and it’s still like new. It’s more like a sweatshirt which makes it very comfy and pleasant to wear.
My love for baseball jackets (or American football jackets) goes back to my childhood, when I was dreaming of being a cheer-leader ^_^. I got the first one at the age of 11-12 from my cousin. It was red with white faux leather sleeves and was brought from the USA … I was ecstatic!!
I like wearing this jacket with ripped jeans and plain t-shirts whenever I’m planning on having a busy day. The only thing missing is a baseball cap but I’m still searching for THE ONE.

Xo, G.




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